What Are Veneers And What Are Their Benefits?

Dental veneers have been used since many years to solve several teeth related problems. The advancement in cosmetic dentistry has blessed us with many solutions to teeth related issues. Now, we can smile with more confidence and show off our white shiny teeth without any hesitation. If you are looking for a  simple and quick way to improve the quality and looks for your teeth, veneers are the best option for you.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are decorative layers to cover the teeth and to give them a classy look. They are basically the coverings or shell to cover the front of your teeth and look like actual teeth. They are made of resin material or porcelain. Veneers are used for those who have chipped or stained teeth, a gap between teeth, , and have uneven and crooked teeth. After the age of 30, discoloring of teeth is common, and veneers are the best remedy.

Dentists can suggest which material is suitable for your teeth. Resin Veneers are made of teeth color material and they are less costly. You Need less dentist visits if you go for resin material Veneers. A small amount of enamel needs to be removed while applying resin veneers. Whereas, proclain Veneers are costly, more natural looking and stronger than resin composite resin Veneers.

Benefits of Veneers

The most important and significant benefits of veneers are listed below. 

1. Veneers give a natural Look

Veneers are custom made for all the patients to match their natural looks. They do not get stain easily and give a perfect natural look. For all those looking for perfect solutions for cosmetic dental problems, veneers is most natural looking solution. 

During the first visit to the dentist, he will examine your teeth structure and send an impression of your teeth to the lab. The lab will manufacture a set of veneers which match with your natural teeth color, texture and shape and get the perfect natural set of teeth for you. The dentist makes sure that veneers are in perfect accordance with your face symmetry and shape. After you get them, nobody can tell that they are natural teeth or veneers. They can serve the purpose of best teeth alignment, strengthening of teeth And encouraging. 

2. Getting veneers is a very convenient procedure 

Among all the cosmetic dental  procedures, veneers are probably the most convenient, quick and simple process. Dentist removes only 1/2 mm off the surface without giving anesthesia. When veneers are glued, the results are instant. A special cement is used to glue veneers and they are very strong and durable. The bonding process is simple yet effective. Dentist use a special light to activate a chemical in the cement. This light hardens the cement quickly. Unlike crowns, they do not need shaping. Modern brands like Lumineers, ultra thin veneers and durathin veneers are customizable  and do not need any drilling, injections or painful procedures. They get glued directly to teeth and they are immediately fixed in only one visit to the dentist. 

3. Veneers are permanent 

Veneers are getting extremely popular due to their durability and strength. The best and most amazing part of getting veneers is that they don’t decay. They are for life time and it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that they might be better than original teeth. They do not get stained or get cavities. With proper care, a dental veneers can last for minimum of 15 years.

4. Easy maintenance  

Easy maintenance is one of the most important benefits of veneers. The post-operative period doesn’t cause any discomfort and is simple and easy. It requires no extra efforts, just brushing and flossing like  natural teeth is required. With regular dentist check ups, veneers can remain shiny and sparkling.

5. No need for teeth whitening 

5. No need for teeth whitening

Often individuals go for veneers instead of going for teeth whitening. Once you get veneers, you do not need to go for teeth whitening treatments for at least 10 years. They are stain resistant to coffee, tea, soda and cigarettes etc. 

6. Replacement of enamel 

Sometimes rigorous brushing, acid reflux and acidic foods cause enamel loss. And once the metal is lost there is no natural way to fix it. Veneers are the best durable solution for enamel loss. They even protect the underlying teeth. Tooth sensitivity can also be cured by veneers.

7. Choose your own color and shape 

You can chose the color of veneers which is two shades whiter than your original teeth. Dentists will provide your with a tooth color charts to match with your original teeth. Afterwards, you can match all your teeth with the veneers (in case you opt for a few teeth veneers) with a whitening session to get a more natural look. You can chose veneers which go well with your face shape.


8. Veneers can be customized for every individuals needs 

Dental veneer placement over frontal teeth

During your first Visit to the dentist, he will check if you can get veneers or not. People with bacterial infections and other problems might not be able to get veneers. After Your check up, dentist will guide you about choosing color and shape according to your requirements. Veneers or tooth caps are helpful in improving the tooth structure of all individuals.

9. Instant recovery 

Veneers are the quickest and simplest solution to several dental problems. There is no pain involved in the installation of veneers.

Unlike crowns, veneers do not need removal of a lot of teeth enamel. Patient might feel a slight discomfort or sensitivity in teeth which will go away in no time with medication.

Instant results are expected. Except for a minor trimming of teeth, there is nothing invasive. There are no after care protocols and there are no recovery processes. All you need to do is regular brushing and flossing.

10. Best dental investment 

Dentists call  veneers “the best dental investment” today. From teeth whitening solutions to enamel loss and from camouflage of teeth to cosmetic solutions, veneers are the best dental investment which will benefit in the long run. Veneers protect us from getting bacterial infections in teeth due to crooked teeth. Get veneers today, and next 15 years you don’t need to worry about any dental issue for sure.

 The reason of calling veneers the  “best dental investment” comes from the fact that they cover several dental issues. Whether it is discolored teeth problem due to root canal treatment or tetracycline stains, excessive fluoride issue or resin fillings, veneers cover it all.

Veneers Help You Get Your Smile Back

The best part about veneers is that, it is your choice if you want to get veneers on one tooth or on all teeth. The process is done in only three visits to the dentist. 

Customers who have got dental veneers have shown gratitude, picture perfect smile and boosted confidence.