Permanent Restorations: Dental Bridges vs Crowns


For the most part, you can find a dentist downtown. That is because most people live and work near the downtown area, so it is convenient for them to go to the dentist while working or living nearby. Yet, with some dentists’ varying services, it can be hard to know if their … Read more

Can an Orthodontist Straighten Just One or Two Teeth?


Anyone with a full set of crooked teeth can expect to see an orthodontist for treatment to straighten them out. But what if you only have one or two crooked teeth? Is it a cause for concern? Can it possibly be corrected? If these questions have been boggling your mind for quite … Read more

Are There Benefits to Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth?


Wisdom teeth are probably one of the most well-known molars in your mouth. Not just from your dentist suggesting at one of your visits that you will need to get your wisdom teeth removed, but also all over the internet. You can easily find plenty of viral funny teeth removal videos on … Read more

Early Removal of Braces Can Lead to Teeth Moving Back

Teeth braces

When you examine your teeth, it’s clear that there are issues that brushing and flossing will not resolve. Your problems aren’t related to your teeth’s health or oral hygiene. Your difficulty is caused by orthodontic concerns. Braces are an excellent approach to address issues such as gaps, crowding, and a misaligned bite. … Read more

Dental Implants Benefits and Risks

Dental Implants Benefits and Risks

Although there are risks to having dental implants, there are more benefits.  In this article, we will discuss the different risks and benefits to help you make your decision as to whether have them or not.  First, let’s talk about what a dental implant is.  It is what is used to replace … Read more

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

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To get dentures, you have to have a dental implant. This is a permanent fixture that will replace the bone and gum tissue in your jaw. In many cases, it has been found that teeth are not growing back, but the cost of implants can be prohibitive for some people. If you’re … Read more

Can Orthodontists Put on Braces?

asian chinese female dentist explaining Tooth3D To A Patient

You need to know about your teeth that some things that may seem harmless could cause more pain than thought. One such thing is that it takes a specific type of doctor to place the braces on patients’ teeth. Sure, some orthodontists can also do some surgeries and procedures as well as … Read more

Why Do Orthodontists Reposition Brackets?

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An orthodontist is a dental professional wholly dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of malocclusions commonly referred to as “crooked teeth” in layman’s terms. Part of their work includes working with brackets Whether you’re new to orthodontics or a dental veteran, you’ve probably heard about repositioning brackets. You may have even … Read more

What is Bite Reclamation and What Is Its Benefits?

How is tooth elongation done and what are the benefits

Bite reclamation or Elongation of teeth is a dental cosmetic procedure that fixes the enamel of the teeth and protects it from further decay is caused by various reasons. Tooth enamel is the thin outer covering of the tooth that protects the teeth from decay. It is the hardest tissue of the … Read more

What is Tooth Reshaping and what are its Benefits?

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People with misshapen and asymmetrical teeth are often hesitant to smile widely. Misshapen teeth can lower someone’s confidence and shatter their self esteem. Sometimes, they can also place a great harm on one’s dental health. Undue stress on the gums or significant spacing between teeth form a misaligned bite can lead to … Read more