The Science of Teeth Whitening: How Whitening Agents Work on Enamel

woman with pink lipstick and white teeth with white enamel

In a world where a bright smile is often equated with health, success, and beauty, teeth whitening has become more than just a dental procedure; it’s a global phenomenon. From over-the-counter products to professional dental services, the quest for pearly whites has led to a booming industry. But what exactly is happening when you whiten … Read more

How Many Teeth Are Babies Born With?


Introduction Baby teeth, also known as primary or deciduous teeth, are temporary replacements for the set of permanent teeth that will eventually come in, but they still play an important role in the development of your child. The following is information that you should know about the eruption of your baby’s first tooth as well … Read more

What are the 4 types of teeth?


Your digestive system includes your teeth. Before you swallow, they break down food by chopping or crushing it. Although some people have more teeth than others, most people have 32 teeth. The toughest component in the human body is enamel, which is the outermost covering that protects your teeth. How many teeth do humans have? … Read more

Are There Benefits to Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth?


Wisdom teeth are probably one of the most well-known molars in your mouth. Not just from your dentist suggesting at one of your visits that you will need to get your wisdom teeth removed, but also all over the internet. You can easily find plenty of viral funny teeth removal videos on Youtube and TikTok … Read more