How Much to Visit an Orthodontist Without Insurance?

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For the most part, Canada’s healthcare covers quite a variety of medical expenses. However, it doesn’t cover the costs of a visit to an orthodontist. Since orthodontics is a dentistry specialty, it would be covered by anyone who has extended healthcare insurance or a dental plan. But what if you don’t have … Read more

Dental Implants Benefits and Risks

Dental Implants Benefits and Risks

Although there are risks to having dental implants, there are more benefits.  In this article, we will discuss the different risks and benefits to help you make your decision as to whether have them or not.  First, let’s talk about what a dental implant is.  It is what is used to replace … Read more

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

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To get dentures, you have to have a dental implant. This is a permanent fixture that will replace the bone and gum tissue in your jaw. In many cases, it has been found that teeth are not growing back, but the cost of implants can be prohibitive for some people. If you’re … Read more

Can Orthodontists Put on Braces?

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You need to know about your teeth that some things that may seem harmless could cause more pain than thought. One such thing is that it takes a specific type of doctor to place the braces on patients’ teeth. Sure, some orthodontists can also do some surgeries and procedures as well as … Read more

Genetic Disorders That Affect Teeth

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What is Genetic Disorder? ​​A genetic disorder is a rare or unusual condition with symptoms that can be seen in someone who inherited the disorder. People with these disorders are born with them because their parents pass down abnormal genes to them. Disorders can affect all parts of your body, from your … Read more

Where Are Orthodontics in High Demand?

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Oral health is known to lay a strong foundation for improved overall health as it is the best way of creating healthy smiles and ensuring the proper functioning of the teeth and gums. When you are blessed with a good bite, then it is easier for you to chew, bite and speak … Read more

Why Do Orthodontists Reposition Brackets?

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An orthodontist is a dental professional wholly dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of malocclusions commonly referred to as “crooked teeth” in layman’s terms. Part of their work includes working with brackets Whether you’re new to orthodontics or a dental veteran, you’ve probably heard about repositioning brackets. You may have even … Read more

What School Teaches Orthodontics?

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As anyone who has ever had braces can attest to, there’s nothing that can compare to the feeling you have when your braces first come off. As you run your tongue over your smooth, braces-free teeth, you get to bask in the feeling of confidence that comes with a post-braces life. Gone … Read more

What Is Orthodontics?

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The world of oral health and care is incredibly vast. While often overlooked, your teeth and mouth actually have a large role to play in your body’s overall wellbeing. From tooth infections to overcrowding, you may find that any issues with your teeth actually impact other areas of your body as well, … Read more

Can An Orthodontist Refuse To Remove Braces?

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Braces can have a great impact on our lives. From a functional standpoint, they shift the position of our teeth to eliminate any health issues that can arise from overbites, underbites, crooked teeth, and misaligned jaws. This can improve our ability to eat and speak more effectively and comfortably. As well, from … Read more