Waterpik Models That Use the Pik Pocket Tip

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Pik Pocket tips were created to irrigate periodontal pockets, furcation, and any other crevice between your gums and your teeth. When it comes to using the Pik Pocket tip, it’s all about being delicate. This is not a flosser tip for use with high pressure. It’s made to gently wash out bacteria … Read more

How Using a Different Waterpik Tip Helps Your Teeth

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Today, Waterpiks are more popular than ever. Waterpiks come in a variety of sizes and functions, but they always come with a motor, a pump, a water reservoir, and a specific water flosser tip. Waterpiks use a stream of water to clean plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the mouth. They also … Read more

Guide to Proper Flossing

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One of the most important parts of dental hygiene is flossing. It cleans and removes food particles stuck between the teeth, reducing the number of plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Plaque is the sticky build-up of film on teeth that causes gum disease and cavities. People have a habit of brushing their teeth … Read more

Why It’s Important to Floss Regularly

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Whenever you go to your dentist appointment, your doctor would always ask you if you are flossing regularly. It is because people often disregard the importance of flossing as part of good dental hygiene. It has a crucial role in having excellent dental health. They help you maintain a perfect smile by … Read more

Find the Right Water Pik Tip with a Guide

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Waterpik is the leading manufacturer of water flossers in the market, and of course, they have the most excellent range of flosser tips. Whether you have braces, implants, bridges, periodontal pockets, or you simply want to wet floss, Waterpik has a flosser tip for you. There’s no best Waterpik flosser tip because each … Read more

Using a Water Flosser Can Help Your Teeth and Gums

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If you’re intent on having clean teeth and healthy gums, consider getting a water flosser. Unlike using regular dental floss, this literally repels food and bacteria from the mouth and in between teeth using water pressure. These are handheld devices that use a small motor for sending pressurized water out of a … Read more

Flossing: Myths and Facts

A lot of people don’t like flossing. It isn’t a habit that all people do. Taking out a piece of floss, wrapping it around their fingers, placing it between the teeth, and moving it can be too much of a process for some people. If you’re someone who doesn’t like flossing or … Read more

Flossing and Dental Hygiene

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Flossing and Dental Hygiene Aside from brushing and using different kinds of mouthwash to keep our teeth clean and our breath fresh, another important step in dental hygiene we shouldn’t forget is flossing. Through the use of dental floss, plaque and food debris are removed in between our teeth and in spots … Read more