What Are Gum Lifts And What Are Their Benefits

Gums or more commonly known as Gingiva are tissues that protect and surround teeth, along with the underlying bone. They attach to the teeth and form a seal that protects underlying bone, by providing a protection against infection. Furthermore, gums act like a cage structure and keep teeth in place.

People seldom pay attention to the health and functionality of their gums and end up suffering from severe gum recession and gum disease. In such circumstances, gum lifts are used to protect the function and health of teeth and guard against further gum recession. Gum lifts are also used to restore the proper coverage of teeth by the gum line.

What are Gum Lifts? 

A gum lift is also known as a gingivectomy. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that is used to raise and sculpt the gum line. This procedure is used to create longer and symmetrical teeth and modify their overall appearance. Dentists reshape the tissues and/or underlying bones, thereby making an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Typically, gum lifts are done to balance out asymmetrical gum lines or reduce excessively gummy smiles. It does not only improve the aesthetic but also helps in treating gum disease. Gum lifts can also be used to reduce the prominence of the upper jaw, and affectively even out the gum and tooth ratio. This treatment method provides quick and permanent results, while simple gum contouring may result in regrowth of the gingiva.

How Gum Lifts are done?

Before starting the actual gum lift procedure, the dentist will consult about how you’d like the shape of gums or if there are any limitations. Once everything is decided, he will start the procedure. The surgeon will begin by numbing your soft tissue. After the surgical area is completely numb and frozen, he’ll begin to trim or reshape the gum tissue. This can be done with either an electrosurgical device, a laser, or a scalpel. The laser is preferred mostly, because of its quick results. Your gums will be swollen or tender after the procedure, but there will be no significant diet restrictions. However, don’t forget to gently brush or floss your teeth after the procedure as well.

Benefits of Gum Lifts

Gum lifts are not only used to improve the aesthetics of anterior teeth but also play a vital role in preventing gum disease. Due to the minimal soft tissue removal, the periodontal structures are not compromised. It can correct uneven gingival zeniths and properly lengthen the clinical crown height. Some of the most important benefits of gum lifts are listed below.

1. Healthier Looking Teeth

Sometimes, a person feels like there is something off about his smile. It is not always the teeth, but gum tissues can also be partly responsible for this. Gum lifts are used to contour gingiva around each tooth in a way that compliments their original or natural shape. They can also improve the appearance of your smile. Additionally, if you develop deep pockets from periodontal disease and it’s a challenge to clean them thoroughly, gum lifts can also significantly contribute in the pocket reduction.

2. Erases Gummy Smiles

Sometimes when people smile, their gum tissues are more prominent or visible as compared to teeth. That’s because excessive gingiva is covering most of their tooth enamel and can make their smile look ‘gummy’. Although a gummy smile can be due to the tight lip muscles, a low gum line can also significantly contribute to this smile appearance. In such circumstances, gum lifts effectively raise the level where the gingiva falls on teeth. Resultantly, the overall smile appearance improves and less gingiva is visible.

3. Longer and Fuller Teeth

In case you have too many gum tissues covering the teeth and hindering the smile, gum lifts can help reveal a larger surface area of tooth enamel. If your anatomical crown (visible part above the gums) is mostly covered by gingiva, lifting the gum tissues can naturally make your teeth look longer and fuller. People who have uneven or short teeth because of excessive gum tissues can see the results of gum lifts in one day. Depending on your tooth anatomy, a gum lift is the perfect alternative to bonding or dental veneers.

4. Evens Out Your Smile

Mostly, people are not confident about their crooked or asymmetrical smile. Uneven gum lines and gingival margins can hinder your smile , by giving the illusion that your teeth are of different sizes. Specifically targeted gum lifts can effectively even out your gum lines, to perfectly frame your healthy teeth. Creating even and symmetrical teeth is one of the most important aspects of gum lifts procedures.

5. No Recovery Time

One of the biggest advantages of gum lifts is postsurgical recovery.  A couple of years ago, you’d have to significantly limit your diet and wear a medicated dressing over the gum lift site until it gets completely healed. But now, since the adjustment of gums is done with the help of laser, there aren’t any specific incision sites to manage. This means, sutures or dressings are not needed. Immediately after the gum lift procedure, you’d be able to go back to eating and drinking and won’t have to alter a significant part of the diet (except avoiding crunchy foods on the first day). In comparison to other oral surgery procedures, there’s almost no swelling and you won’t experience the same level of post-operative discomfort.

6. Laser Gum Lift

The gum lift procedure can easily be completed with a laser. Years ago, getting a gum lift meant an invasive and semi-surgical procedure. Fortunately, it is not the case anymore. Dentists make use of soft tissue laser therapy, which makes the whole procedure more gentle, straightforward, and efficient. The laser technology is FDA-approved. As the tissues are adjusted, the therapy gently cauterizes the edges of your new gum line. Unlike older gum surgery techniques, there won’t be extra swelling or bleeding. Lasers significantly minimize discomfort and complete your cosmetic procedure in less time.

7. Allows Supra Gingival Restorations

Gum lifts allow for supragingival restorations. It also helps the additional teeth to withstand the mechanical needs during extensive restorative procedures. Resultantly, restoration is kept above the gum as much as possible and decreases the chances of gum disease caused by subgingival margins. This helps in maintaining the normal functionality and health of gums, which leads to better durability of teeth.

Gum Lifts Help Lift up Your Confidence!

Looking after one’s gums is the most crucial part of maintaining the natural teeth structure. However, if you are not comfortable with your smile or are experiencing gum recession, it’s the perfect time to go for gum lifts. This dental procedure will not only help reduce tooth sensitivity but also improve the periodontal health and overall aesthetic of your smile. Healthy gums and an improved and bright smile will help you speak with comfort and confidence.