What Is Teeth Straightening And What Are Its Benefits?

It’s a universal fact that the very first thing people notice about you is your smile. A beautiful smile is impossible without straight, well balanced and sparkling teeth.  By undergoing the teeth straightening process the misaligned teeth can be moved into the right position, making your smile perfect.

Teeth straightening is a process where the misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, deep bites, open bites, crossbites, teeth gaps, and other flaws of the teeth and jaw are fixed. To get your teeth straightened, you need to see a dentist and get his opinion on which approach your teeth can get fixed. There are two types of treatments to straighten the teeth, one is through the braces and the other one is through aligners and retainers. It depends on the complexity of the correction needed in jaws, hence only a dentist can suggest which procedure is suitable for a particular case.

Let us have a look at 9 health benefits of having straight teeth

1. Straight teeth help in proper digestion

Straight teeth help in proper digestion

Properly chewed food helps in better digestion which reduces the chances of having indigestion or constipation. Straight teeth help you to chew your food easily and effectively without getting stuck in. when the food is properly chewed into smaller pieces it helps the stomach bacteria to dissolve the food into blood easily.

When food is thoroughly chewed, it is easier to digest which causes less damage to the overall body.

2. Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain

Straight teeth are much easier to clean and maintain as compared to crowded or over spaced teeth. Teeth that are either crooked or widely spaced can easily have inflammation and redness. This can lead to serious periodontal diseases which are painful.

Crooked or misaligned teeth are difficult to be cleaned and flossed. The toothbrush does not go properly to the spaces called crevices. But if you have straight teeth, the brushing and flossing are quite easy and the chances of having inflammation and redness are low.

3. Straight teeth reduce the chances of cavities

The chances of having cavities are less when you have straight teeth. Having said that it also depends on how much you maintain oral health as well. It’s harder to keep misaligned or crooked teeth clean thoroughly which can lead to serious damage. Crooked teeth are more exposed to bacteria and germs which can cause cavities.

The process of getting the cavities filled is quite painful and expensive. Also, the procedures are very long. It’s better to invest in the teeth straightening process rather than putting yourself into pain and more expenses. There are fewer chances of having cavities when you have straight teeth which are properly cleaned twice a day.

4. Straight teeth improve your speech

This fact is less known but it is 100% true that your teeth pattern is directly linked with your speech and talking style. You might not be aware of it but straight teeth play an important role in speech as it does not hinder your confidence.

Having crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth might affect the way you speak as well as it might become a barrier to clear word pronunciations. It is advised to invest in orthodontia to get your teeth straightened and get rid of speech problems.

5. Straight teeth do not break or cracks easily

straight teeth are less prone to cracks and breaks. The reason being straight teeth are much easy to maintain and clean. Good dental hygiene offers your teeth greater protection against tooth decay, infections, cavities which helps against cracks, breaks, and sores.

Whereas the teeth with are misaligned and crooked are more likely to be weakened by time and can break or cracks if you fall or get into an accident. Due to poor dental hygiene, the teeth are more prone to cavities and infections.

6. Straight teeth reduce neck and head pain

it is medically proven that perfectly aligned teeth put no excessive pressure and stress on the joints, jawbones, and gums.  Having straight teeth helps in a coordinated bite and it puts less pressure on the teeth. This allows the temporomandibular joints to work smoothly without stressing on the teeth. Due to less stress on the jawline, you will notice fewer headaches and migraines.

crooked teeth are linked with chronic pain in neck, face, and head. The reason is crooked teeth contribute to jaw misalignment which eventually puts pressure on the jaw bones and gums.

7. Straight teeth improve your oral health

Crooked or overcrowded teeth are home to a lot of bacteria, which ultimately causes tooth decay and tooth enamel abnormalities. It is very difficult to maintain good oral health if you have misaligned or crooked teeth. The food will ultimately be stuck in between the gaps and the brush will not reach the specific gap causing cavities and decay. This can also cause bad breath which is quite embarrassing.

Perfectly aligned teeth are easy to clean and it improves the overall oral health of a person. So it is better to invest in getting your teeth aligned rather than running to the dentist with dental problems.

8. Straight teeth do not deteriorate quickly

With time teeth start to get weak, but properly cleaned and maintained teeth throughout life do not deteriorate quickly. People with good age still have no wear or tear because of taking good care of their teeth. Straight teeth are easy to manage that is why it has fewer chances to deteriorate quickly.

On the other hand, crooked teeth can speed up the process of deterioration as the chances of fractures, wear and tear are way more than straight teeth. Misalignment also causes weakness in teeth which makes them more prone to breaking.

9. Straight teeth boost your confidence

it is seen that people with crooked or misaligned teeth are insecure about their smiles. They don’t widely smile or put their hand on the mouth so that no one can see their teeth. This feeling shatters self-confidence which causes mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

It is better to get your child to have braces at a young age so that he does not loses his confidence in adulthood or get bullied for having big or misaligned teeth. If you think you as an adult facing any hurdle in your self-esteem because of having crooked teeth, don’t delay and get your appointment today.

It’s healthy to have straight teeth

Straight teeth does not only serve as cosmetic solution to chipped teeth and make one’s face and smile more attractive but also they improve overall health of a person. Crooked teeth can lead to many serious problems if not treated properly. Straight teeth reduce the risk of Periodontal disease and jaw trouble. An infection always starts from mouth and later it can travel through arteries and cause heart disease and stroke . By taking care of your teeth, you can protect your whole body.