What Causes Buck Teeth and How Can It Be Fixed?

It is said that a smile gives a person his distinctive look. No matter what his height is and how much is his weight, the way he smiles sets him apart from others. However, at times there are certain reasons why someone would want to hide the smile or never smile at all! Buck teeth are one of them. Referred to as protruding teeth, buck teeth are one of the most widely known dental issues. As they affect the appearance of the person having them, they become a cause of bullying a lot of times. Nonetheless, treating them on time and ensuring proper management of this issue can help to deal with it in quite an easier manner! 

What causes buck teeth? 

The research content behind the reasons and causes of buck teeth is quite extensive. Researchers have made sure to come up with just the right reasons as to why this issue has become so widespread in recent times. Some of the most plausible reasons why a person may end up with buck teeth are as follows: 

1) Genes: Yes, you read that right. If you have buck teeth, you can blame your genes for them. It is a hereditary condition that runs in families. No matter what you do, you can’t prevent it. However, you surely can treat it and stay cautious for the coming generations. 

2) Thumb sucking: Kids who get addicted to thumb sucking in childhood find it difficult to get rid of this habit. It turns into an addiction and no matter what they do, they’re not able to pull their thumbs out of their mouths. Resultantly, the constant push of the thumb on the inner side of the front teeth makes them protrude. With time, this protrusion gets intense, leading to permanent buck teeth. 

3) Huge teeth: The size of teeth is also to be blamed for buck teeth. The massive size of teeth causes a lot of dental problems, with buck teeth being one of them. As they are bigger than the normal teeth, their bite stays normal but they protrude out.  

4) Rate of Jaw Growth: When the upper jaw develops faster compared to the lower one, it ends up causing buck teeth. The molars are misaligned as a result and place pressure on the teeth at the front. They move ahead, which leads to their protrusion.  

5) The habit of tongue thrusting: Just like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting is also a habit that affects the looks of teeth. The tongue keeps pushing the frontal teeth and exerts pressure on them. As a result, all the teeth come out, showing a certain level of bump. When done with constant repetition, long-term treatment is needed to make such protruding frontal teeth go back to their original position.  

6) The use of pacifiers: It is true that babies sucking cute pacifiers look extremely adorable. However, this leads to an overbite. Following the mechanism behind teeth sucking, the sucking of a pacifier also exerts pressure on the frontal set of teeth, leading to malocclusions. Resultantly, teeth protrude out and buck teeth are formed.  

Expert opinion is required to choose the right treatment plan. 

Problems associated with buck teeth: 

If you are lucky, buck teeth may only be associated with the issue of appearance and nothing else. However, in extreme conditions, buck teeth are connected with a number of other problems as well, including; 

1) Chewing problem: The problem associated with chewing can also be connected with buck teeth. When the alignment of teeth is improper, the jaws are not able to chew any food put in the mouth. Furthermore, pain is also a result of chewing with improperly aligned teeth, leading to indigestion and gut problems. 

2) Airways issues: With the teeth being big and protruding out, issues other than dental issues can be a concern. For instance, large teeth may reduce the airway, leading to a tiny space left for air passage. This abnormal airway restricts the movement of air, causing breathing problems. 

3) Speech issues: With the two teeth sets unable to move in a uniformity, problems in speech arise. This kind of bite makes it difficult for a person to say a few words such as S and B. Resultantly, speech impediment turns out to be a major problem connected with buck teeth. 

How to get rid of buck teeth? 

If you are wondering how to get rid of buck teeth and whether you can really do that or not, you need to know that it’s completely possible. There are several ways of getting rid of buck teeth, including: 

1. Braces: 

One of the most common and effective treatments of buck teeth is braces. It is something that is equally effective for kids as well adults. Braces are basically metal brackets that are attached with wires. When connected with the teeth, they bring the teeth back to their actual position, which further leads to a straight smile. This is a manipulation that takes time. However, its success rates are quite high that makes it the most sought-after option for buck teeth. 

2. Invisalign: 

Invisalign treats minor protrusion of teeth, which works well on adults as well as teens. They are basically plastic aligners that are invisible and mould the teeth when worn over a long period of time. With time they change the position of the teeth, making them well-aligned.  

3. Surgery: 

The surgery of the jaw is also a treatment that brings major positive changes. However, it is done with conditions that are extreme and there is no other way to deal with the buck teeth. It works when there is an extreme misalignment of the upper and lower sets of teeth and braces can’t do anything to correct it. 

4. Treatments at home: 

If you wonder u how to fix buck teeth at home, you need to know that it’s not possible. Fixing buck teeth requires exertion of pressure over a period of time and it should not be done at home. Expert advice, opinion and consultation should be taken for this whole process of aligning the buck teeth. Trying to do this by yourself can cause some serious dental issues, which won’t go away easily. Hence, opting for the specified treatments of braces and surgery is surely the right way to go. 


Buck teeth are one major reason why teens are bullied at schools. This leads to serious personality disorders as they feel humiliated. It affects their confidence and hinders their ability to socialize freely. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to reprimand their kids when they suck their teeth or push the upper teeth set with the tongue. Pacifiers should also be avoided to the maximum. Lastly, opting for braces and aligners is a good idea; however, trying to go for home remedies may worsen the condition even more. Practicing oral hygiene, brushing the teeth regularly and using a mouth guard while sleeping would keep the teeth in the right position after the braces are taken off and the alignment has been corrected.  

However, if you are happy with your buck teeth and they don’t cause any kind of pain or speech issue, you can keep them and avoid going for any kind of treatment.