How To Choose the Best Toothbrush for Your Teeth?

You have been brushing your teeth since childhood, but have you ever thought that the toothbrush you are using is right for you. Taking care of oral health needs extra emphasis and care because various diseases are linked with your oral health. If you do not take care of your oral health, you will be giving birth to diabetes or heart disease. They can be severe than you think.

The first step of oral health is brushing your teeth. When you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you are removing harmful bacteria from your mouth that cause various oral health problems such as bad breath, plaque, cavities, etc. Choosing the right toothbrush for your teeth can be critical.

How To Choose the Best Toothbrush for Your Teeth?

The toothbrush plays a pivotal role in toothbrushing, so you have to consider the factors to choose the right toothbrush. In earlier times, there were not enough options to choose between different toothbrushes. Now there are a lot of options available for you according to your need. The material, varieties, and differently operated toothbrushes are available in the market for you. Choose the right toothbrush wisely.

ADA Approved 

Buying a toothbrush can be a tough choice to make. Before you buy any toothbrush, make sure that it is approved by ADA. This certifies that the brush you are buying has gone through strict testing so that it can provide you the best and effective cleaning. Also, it ensures the safety of using the brush for your mouth. ADA seal of approval means:

  • Bristles are having safety tips 
  • The handle is sturdy enough for daily use 
  • The bristles of the brush won’t fall out if you are brushing more than twice a day or as recommended by your dentist. 
  • The toothbrush will reduce the accumulation of plaque and gum disease in your mouth in the early stages. 

The powered or electric toothbrush also comes with an ADA seal of approval that means that it has gone through safety tests and clinical trials. It is safe enough for your mouth tissue, teeth, braces, etc. 

Mode of Action 

Toothbrushes come with 2 types of mode of action; manual and powered. The manual toothbrush is disposable, whereas the powered or electric toothbrush can be used for a longer period. There is no superiority or recommendation for any of the two types. Both effectively clean your teeth. A powered toothbrush is recommended for kids and adults who have musculoskeletal problems. Powered or electric toothbrushes assist in brushing.

Another kind of powered toothbrush comes with a rotary head. It is known as a rotation oscillation toothbrush. If you are using a manual or powered toothbrush, you need to be consistent in cleaning your teeth for oral hygiene. It keeps your teeth healthy. 



The size of the toothbrush should be enough to reach every surface and part of your teeth. The flexible neck and a short head of the toothbrush are considered ample for effective teeth cleaning. The average head size of an adult toothbrush should be around half an inch in breadth and 1 inch in height. If the size of the toothbrush is right, then there will be no hindrance in maneuvering it in your mouth.

The long handle of the toothbrush gives you a better grip. Also, it will help you to move and easily hold it. You will be able to clean the front, top, back of your teeth easily with maximum cleaning. 


The cost of toothbrushes varies from one another. A powered toothbrush will be expensive than a manual toothbrush. The main reason behind the expensive powered toothbrush is the complex working. It does not mean that they are better than a manual toothbrush. An electric or powered toothbrush is a one-time investment because it will last for years. 

On the other hand, manual toothbrush needs to be replaced now and then. If your toothbrush comes with a changeable head, you need to change it every 4-6 months. The changing of the toothbrush occurs when the bristles start to look worn. It can happen in both manual or powered toothbrushes.


Each toothbrush goes under a specific efficacy and safety check. Your dentist might recommend you a toothbrush that is having a verified safety seal. The safety of the manual toothbrush is the durability of bristles. Also, the tips that don’t cause any kind of harm to your gums or soft tissues. Before a toothbrush is approved for use, it is considered for the ability to remove plaque and tartar

Talking about the powered toothbrush, the safety check is that it does not harm human tissues. Also, the safety check of short circuit protection is ensured for safe use. 


Another crucial aspect while choosing the best toothbrush for your teeth is the bristles of the toothbrush. Most of the bristles are made up of nylon. The strength of the nylon bristles varies from one another. Toothbrushes come in three main categories; soft, medium, and hard nylon-bristled toothbrushes. The soft bristles of the toothbrush are not harmful to gums, enamel, and soft tissues in your mouth

The usage of a toothbrush with different bristle strength depends on your comfort. Even if you are using a soft-bristled toothbrush with more power, it will harm your gums. To minimize the damage done by the bristles, some toothbrushes come with round-shaped tips of bristles. 


If you are following strict oral hygiene, then there are reduces chances of developing an oral health problem. Maintaining oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day will help you to prevent gum diseases. It does not depend on the type of toothbrush you are using. Oral hygiene can be maintained using a manual or powered toothbrush. 

The rotation oscillation toothbrush’s head moves back and forth. Also, the head rotates on the axis and it is having an advantage over manual toothbrushes to some extent. 

Toothbrush for Children 

Children’s teeth are having different anatomy and physiology than adults. They are having unique requirements. The main requirement is that the toothbrush chosen for children should be with extra care. It is because they have softer organs than adults and their teeth are temporary. While choosing the best toothbrush for your children, there are plenty of colors in a manual and electric toothbrush. 

There are electric toothbrushes for kids in which they have built-in music entertainment. It attracts them for brushing their teeth regularly for better oral hygiene. Choosing the right size for your kids is preferred that will reach each part of their teeth and mouth for effective cleaning. A short head of toothbrush with a larger handle gives effective teeth cleaning. 

If You Wear Braces or Have Misaligned Teeth 

If you wear braces then you can use a special and recommended orthodontic toothbrush. It comes with V-shaped bristles. The V-shaped bristles allow you to thoroughly clean the wires and braces along with your teeth. 

If you have misaligned teeth or you wear braces, then an end-tufted toothbrush is recommended. Also, it is recommended for dental bridges and implants and exposed roots of molars. This toothbrush comes with a small head and several tufts of nylon bristles. It can be used as an addition to normal brushing.

Toothbrush – A Tool for Better Oral Hygiene

After you have chosen the best toothbrush for your teeth, make sure that you are using it daily and properly for oral hygiene. Most of you might not know the proper way of brushing your teeth, but there are recommended practices for cleaning your teeth. Practicing better oral hygiene at home such as brushing the teeth regularly ensures that you are reducing the chances of oral health problems.