How to Train Your Toddler for Brushing Daily

Parents would often have a difficult time teaching their kids how to brush their teeth, as children would often view the task as a chore that isn’t really needed for them to do. However, they don’t realize that brushing the teeth is just as important as taking a bath, as it takes away all the grime and the bacteria that could cause illnesses and health problems to the body. Without brushing your teeth, you may suffer from a toothache caused by tooth decay or gum-related diseases, and most kids that don’t see the importance of tooth-brushing often suffer from these complications. If you are one of those newer parents that are struggling to teach their toddlers to brush their teeth, we are here to provide you with some tips on how to make the teaching process easier. So, let’s get started with the guide by giving you the first tip.

Brush Their Teeth Yourself

Children that don’t know how to brush their teeth would usually struggle at first with the task, so the best way for you to introduce them to tooth-brushing is by actually brushing their teeth yourself. Of course, since their teeth are soft and sensitive, you would need to be careful in brushing their teeth. So, start with softer swipes on their teeth by using a toddler-friendly tooth-brush with soft bristles and toothpaste that is not too strong. You can brush their teeth while they are looking at themselves in the mirror so that they know what you are doing and, in turn, adapt to your actions so that they can do it later.

Demonstrate Your Tooth-Brushing Skills

Another way that you can train your toddler to brush their teeth is by demonstrating how your brush your teeth. You can do this task after brushing their teeth (as seen in the first tip) and then brushing your own teeth so that they can see how to brush teeth with proficiency. However, make sure that you do the brushing as slow as possible so that they can clearly see what you are doing and they wouldn’t be confused. After demonstrating for a few days, you can then allow your toddler to brush their teeth on their own, but keep them supervised.

Practice with a Toy or a Fake Set of Teeth

The easiest way for them to know the basics of tooth-brushing is by practicing the procedure using a stuffed toy or a fake set of teeth. Demonstrate how they should brush the toy’s teeth first, and then allow them to brush the toy’s teeth while also guiding them if ever they get confused. There are plenty of toys that you can buy online and in toy stores that would have a fake set of teeth attached to them, as they are specifically made to teach kids how to brush their teeth. However, if these toys are unavailable, you can buy a set of fake teeth that is easier to find almost anywhere.

Make It a Habit

The most crucial thing that you have to do in order to train your kid to brush daily is to make it a habit. You can do this by always reminding your child to brush his or her teeth three times a day, specifically in the morning, after lunch, and before going to bed. Make brushing a habit while the child is still young so that he or she will get used to the task once he or she is older. If the child is already past being a toddler, then the training process may be harder since the child has already become used to not brushing their teeth daily. So, it is essential that you start teaching them at a young age so that they won’t view it as a chore or a boring task.

Turn the Brushing into a Game

Nothing can get kids more excited about brushing their teeth than by making it a game. You can play a game with them and who will be able to clean all parts of their teeth under a time limit, or you can just do a game of “follow the leader” where you will lead, and the toddler will copy your tooth-brushing moves. Making the brushing task a game would take away their thoughts of it becoming a chore, so you would need to make it as fun as possible for them to always look forward to brushing their teeth at specific times of the day. You also have the option to sing a song during the brushing process so that they would be more focused on the song than the actual brushing. Furthermore, you can also incorporate moves during certain parts of the songs to make the brushing task a dance for both you and your toddler.

Do the Task with Them

As frequently mentioned in every tip mentioned above, performing the task with them is important since they will see the value of brushing their teeth when they see how diligently you do it. Brushing with them also brings the fun in a mundane-looking task, as it can come as a form of a bonding moment between the two of you, where you would play games, sing songs, or just make fun of each other. Brushing the teeth can become a fun family-bonding activity at home, so you should always do it with your family to make it a more fun experience not only for you but also for your kids.