What is Tooth Reshaping and what are its Benefits?

People with misshapen and asymmetrical teeth are often hesitant to smile widely. Misshapen teeth can lower someone’s confidence and shatter their self esteem.

Sometimes, they can also place a great harm on one’s dental health. Undue stress on the gums or significant spacing between teeth form a misaligned bite can lead to the breakdown of bones supporting most of the teeth. Hence, this misalignment also result in tooth loss and pain. In such circumstances, straightening the teeth can be of great help. If anyone’s teeth are crooked, chipped, damaged or uneven because of an accident, tooth reshaping can effectively improve the overall surface and appearance of teeth. If you are concerned with the shape of your teeth, you can visit a dentist for a very simple solution.

What Is Tooth Reshaping? 

What Is Tooth Reshaping

Tooth reshaping is a painless, fast, and conservative dental procedure which improves the appearance of the tooth and also upgrades the overall dental health. This procedure also goes by the name of Odontoplasty. To change the length, shape, or surface of the tooth, the dentist makes use of a laser or drill to remove a portion of the tooth enamel. Tooth reshaping is done in conjunction with bonding which uses tooth-colored materials for the shaping purpose.

How Does Tooth Reshaping Work? 

Generally, tooth reshaping is an easy and fast process. The first and foremost step is to get dental health checked, by undergoing a dental examination and X-rays. Your dentist will also have a look at your enamel and check if its’s significant for you to undergo the reshaping process. In case you have thin enamel, he may recommend another dental procedure, like dental veneers.

On the other hand, if you have healthy gums, teeth, and enamel, the dentist will begin the reshaping process by removing some of your tooth enamel by using a fine diamond bur or sanding disc. This step helps in minimizing the imperfections of a tooth. Then, he’ll shorten or trim the length of longer teeth, and smooth uneven teeth. It helps in the improvement of alignment and bite. However, if you’ve gaps in between teeth or some of them are chipped, dentist can effectively combine the process of tooth reshaping with bonding.

Who’s A Good Candidate for Tooth Reshaping? 

It is very important to note that the whole process of tooth reshaping is meant to correct the minor or subtle imperfections on your teeth. It is not an alternate for major dental issues. If the teeth are severely crooked, misaligned, or overlapped, your dentist will recommend to go for dental braces or another procedure instead of tooth reshaping. To be a perfect candidate for tooth reshaping, you must have healthy teeth and gums. This procedure requires significant removal of teeth enamel. You won’t be fit for the procedure, incase you have unhealthy gums, decayed teeth, or infected pulp.

The Advantages of Tooth Reshaping

1. Affordable

Tooth reshaping is an inexpensive way to effectively improve the overall look of your teeth. Rather than undergoing a full mouth reconstruction,  carefully targeted tooth reshaping might do the trick. The procedure costs $50 to $300 per tooth. The amount depends on how much work is needed. If the teeth are damaged or affected due to accident or trauma, insurance can also pick up some of the cost.

2. Painless

Tooth reshaping is generally a painless procedure and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Only surface enamel is removed during the process and no anesthesia is required. Additionally, modern technology has enhanced pre-planning for the process of tooth reshaping. Dentists will make sure that the reshaping process doesn’t damage the dental pulp and prevent the risk of root canal infection.

3. Improves Dental Health

Fixing some of your minor dental imperfections and other overlaps where plaque and tartar can build up significantly lowers the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Several health issues, including TMJ disorders (TMD) and teeth grinding (bruxism), play their part in deteriorating your dental health. Such problems can also be lessened through an effective tooth alignment procedure.

4. Improves Dental Alignment

Tooth reshaping can significantly improve the dental alignment. Resultantly, your teeth will give an overall even look and the chewing process will become much more comfortable.

5. Possible Substitute For Braces

Poor dental alignment and crooked teeth are often treated through the use of braces and orthodontics. This can take a lot of time and is costly. Comparatively, tooth reshaping is a quick and cheaper alternate. It acts as an effective substitute for braces. That’s because it can make your teeth look straighter and eliminate minor overlapping.

6. Better Smile 

Improper and misaligned teeth can make your smile appear uneven and asymmetrical. Not only does it harm your self-esteem, but also hinders the overall personality. Tooth reshaping can greatly enhance your smile and thus play a significant role in a better smile appearance.

7. Improves Job Performance

If you are working in the public sector and interact with clients/customers on daily basis, tooth reshaping can enhance the job performance. With a better-looking smile and improved confidence, you can address usual professional challenges with utmost certainty.

8. Permanent Procedure

Tooth reshaping is a permanent and one-time procedure that would not require repairs. It is quick and painless. However, to prevent further enamel loss, you need to look after your teeth after the reshaping process.

Tooth Reshaping Aftercare Tips

Tooth reshaping is an excellent way to improve the shape and overall appearance of teeth. However, only the procedure won’t help you in getting that perfect smile back. Good aftercare is crucial for maintaining the results. Your dentist will provide the necessary aftercare instructions. If the dentist used a bonding agent in a reshaping process, the resin may start chipping or cracking after some time. To avoid such situations, you should avoid eating hard foods, biting nails, and chewing gum.

It is also possible that the bonds get stained over time. To keep them safe and intact, it’s important to brush your teeth twice a day, and practice oral hygiene. Many food items play their part in staining the teeth, for example, coffee or red wine. You should abstain from such types of food intake. Although there is no downtime after tooth reshaping, one might experience some minor insensitivity for a day after the procedure.

Get Your Smile Back – Reshape the Teeth Today

A cracked or chipped tooth can affect your self-esteem and make you want to not smile in front of others. Cosmetic Dental procedures can easily correct such issues, but they are costly. However, tooth reshaping can significantly improve the appearance of your smile and teeth without paying a hefty amount on Cosmetic treatments. Some people make use of braces to improve their smile and fix misaligned teeth, yet tooth reshaping is a low-cost and effective alternative. It is a quick, safe and painless procedure. You’d be done in one appointment and get your smile back in a minimum time of thirty minutes.