What is Bite Reclamation and What Is Its Benefits?

Bite reclamation or Elongation of teeth is a dental cosmetic procedure that fixes the enamel of the teeth and protects it from further decay is caused by various reasons. Tooth enamel is the thin outer covering of the tooth that protects the teeth from decay. It is the hardest tissue of the human body which does not wear away easily. However, it can be affected if proper dental care is not done. 

In medical terms, the loss of the surface of the teeth is known as dental Erosion which leads to bite reclamation procedure. Dental erosion can be caused by various reasons such as natural wear and tear, teeth grinding, acid reflux, bulimia, trauma and Alcoholism etc.

Patients with the problem of crossbite, overbite and underbite seek treatment to improve their oral health. These dental surgeries often come under the cosmetic surgery section and dentists who specialize in orthodontic can perform procedures like bite reclamation. 

Let’s have a look at the major benefits of having bite reclamation 

1. Improves Dental health 

The bite reclamation procedure helps the patient in maintaining good oral health after getting it done. It improves all over dental health because the procedures help to resolve the issues like misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth, incorrect bites and dental erosion. 

All these problems lead to poor dental care and increase the problem for the future. So if the orthodontist suggests you get the bite reclamation done, take it seriously and invest in your oral health.

2. Improves chewing mechanism 

Incorrect bites or incorrect teeth alignment hinders the chewing mechanism of food. Patients with this problem chew the food either very fast or incorrectly which causes digestion problems. Misaligned teeth can cause eating uncomfortable and can lead to jaw pain. The severity of pain would increase with time if the incorrect bite issue does not address.

Bite reclamation improves the chewing mechanism as the perfectly aligned and correct bite will able you to chew the food properly. It will save you from mouth to stomach issues and improves the digestive system as well. 

3. Helps in good sleep

Misaligned teeth can possibly affect your sleep. Most of the people grind there teeth out of boredom which causes teeth erosion. You may lose quality sleep because if this habit. Teeth that are not in the proper position can cause breathing issues that will not let you sleep peacefully. Misalignment can cause tension in the jaws which could hinder your sleeping patterns.

Getting the problem fixed will help the patient sleep peacefully, which will automatically resolve all problems related to it. 

4. Improves overall appearance 

Having straight and aligned teeth will make you look completely different. Not only it brings a beautiful smile but correcting the bite can change your facial expressions as well. Your expressions depend on the way your teeth sit on each other.

People with the incorrect bite may look angry or distressed all the time even when they are not. You can notice them grinding their teeth or biting their muscles inside the mouth more often. For a problem like This orthodontist suggests for bite reclamation to improve the appearance.

5. Gives strong and long-lasting effects 

Teeth that gets fractured due to any injury does not revert on its own . It needs to be treated as soon as possible otherwise the long term effects are not good. It is suggested that dental related issues should be resolved as soon as it starts. Delaying the treatment will only cost you more and the pain would be unbearable. 

People with incorrect bites should consult an orthodontist as soon as they feel there is something wrong, the sooner the better it is. It is better to resolve all dental cosmetic issues in teenagers because the gums are still growing in that phase. However, it is never late if you want to resolve the problem in your 20s or 30s.

6. Less wear and tear

After the bite reclamation procedure is done, there are rare chances of any more wear and tear in the future. Proper oral hygiene and measures taken by the patient can ensure less wear and tear. 

If the patient does not give attention to the problem would lead to major and painful problem in older age. People with misaligned teeth or incorrect bites face more dental problems than people who have straight teeth.

7. Helps in reducing head and neck pain

Cosmetic dentistry has proven that perfectly aligned teeth put no excessive pressure and stress on the joints, jawbones, and gums. Having straight teeth helps in a coordinated bite and it puts less pressure on the teeth. This allows the temporomandibular joints to work smoothly without stressing on the teeth. Due to less stress on the jawline, you will notice fewer headaches and migraines. 

Crooked teeth are linked with chronic pain in your neck, face, and head. The reason is crooked teeth contribute to jaw misalignment which eventually puts pressure on the jaw bones and gums.

8. Make you look younger 

Bite reclamation works as an anti-ageing agent. Fixing the teeth has the great potential and it’s more effective than Botox. Bite correction fixes the teeth and gives inner support to the face which helps to regenerate youth fullness of face and brings back freshness.

Research has suggested that bite correction procedures reduce the stress on the respective jaws get easy which also helped in reducing wrinkles across the face. Overall gives a fresh and happening look on the face as compared to the people who suffers from incorrect bites.

9. Improves your speech 

People with malocclusions struggles with slurred speech. It is due to the overlap of their upper jaw and lower jaw. This is also called underbite or overbite. These people struggle to talk fluently and sometimes due to speed, their tongue gets a cut from their teeth.

Bite reclamation can help people with such problems and improves speech so that it can be understood easily.

10. Boost your confidence

Boost your confidence

It is seen that straight, beautifully aligned teeth boost the confidence of people. They are more likely to be expressive and happy. It is all because of the ability to smile without any hesitation or fear, people tend to be more confident. When the bites are correctly placed, it makes the straight-set of teeth which makes smiling effortlessly gorgeous. 

So if you have been reserved all your life because of crooked or misaligned teeth, get your appointment with a orthodontist and get an opinion on how to fix your smile.

Save yourself from major dental problems  

It is better to recognize and understand your dental problem at the initial stages to save yourself from unbearable toothache and discomfort. Although the dental procedures are quite expensive but if it is addressed in the initial stages could save a couple of bucks of your savings. Don’t delay the treatment with a thought that the problem will go away on it’s own. Dental issues should be taken seriously in children as well as in elders because pain in teeth leads to many other health issues.