Can Nutmeg Help Reduce Toothache Pain?

Nutmeg is a fabulous flavor enhancer and an essential herb. It delivers an intense spice with a distinct and robust aroma. It’s nutty, slightly sweet, and warm at the same time.

Nutmeg is also known for its wide range of medicinal properties beneficial to health and wellness, including eliminating toxins from the body. It can even help strengthen the immune system and work against the growth of cancerous cells. It’s also an effective sedative used by the ancient Chinese to treat inflammation and abdominal pain. Nutmeg oil can be used to ease aching joints, arthritis, muscle pain, sores, and other ailments.

But did you know that you can use nutmeg for toothache? Yes, you can deal with dental problems using this aromatic spice. Nutmeg contains the compound eugenol, which is also known as clove oil, which can be used topically to treat toothache. Eugenol is also found in cloves and cinnamon.

When dealing with a toothache and other oral health problems, you can use nutmeg in all forms – the whole spice, ground powdered spice, or essential oil.

Nutmeg can come to your rescue when dealing with common oral problems, such as:

1. Toothache

Toothache is caused by different reasons – cavities, gum disease, or infection. Although you need to visit the dentist to remedy this problem, nutmeg can offer quick, natural relief.

Since the eugenol in nutmeg has potent anti-inflammatory properties, it helps relieve toothache temporarily. To experience its pain-relieving benefits, apply nutmeg powder on the tooth in pain, and leave it on for a while. Rinse and wash your mouth after.

You may also use nutmeg oil. Place one drop of nutmeg essential oil onto a cotton swab and dab it on the gum area that surrounds the achy tooth. Repeat when necessary.

2. Stained teeth

Everyone would like to have a perfect-looking, white, pearl-like teeth. While practicing dental hygiene and visiting the dentist is important for whiter teeth, nutmeg can help you achieve it.

Nutmeg can help prevent dental plaque by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Use a pinch of nutmeg powder and scrub it all over the teeth. Rinse your mouth with water and brush as usual. This way, you can prevent plaque build-up, thereby whitening the teeth.

3. Gum problems

There are many factors that can cause gum problems, resulting in swelling, gum pain, inflammation, and gingivitis. These gum diseases can be dealt with using the nutmeg spice.

Add a few drops of nutmeg oil on a cotton swab and dab the affected area. Or, you can sip a cup of warm nutmeg tea and drink it. Try to savor every sip so that the nutmeg can make contact with your gums.

4. Bad breath treatment

Because of its antibacterial properties, nutmeg can help treat halitosis or bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria build-up in the mouth, and nutmeg help rid your mouth of bacteria. This is the reason why nutmeg is used as an ingredient in many toothpaste brands.


When you’re tooth and gums are aching, it’s important to consult a dentist right away. But if visiting the dentist is not yet possible or feasible, you can use nutmeg as a home remedy for the meantime, and expect some relief.