Do Toothbrushes that Plays Music Help Children Brush Longer

Brushing one’s teeth is a duty that young children require assistance with. They frequently disregard this crucial task, leading to a variety of techniques to get them to take it seriously, hence the invention of musical toothbrush.

A musical toothbrush is one that plays music while brushing. When a button is clicked or the bristles of the brush are rubbed on the teeth, this melody normally begins to play. It lasts around two minutes, which is the recommended time for brushing one’s teeth. These toothbrushes may also feature popular cartoon characters and lights, making them even more enticing to children. These toothbrushes are pricier than standard children’s toothbrushes, but they can assist a youngster develop good oral hygiene practices.

Why is it necessary to create a Musical Toothbrush?

According to studies, children wash their teeth for 73 percent longer when listening to music. They also only brush for half the time required when there is no music playing.

The following are some sobering statistics: *Delta Dental Children’s Health Survey 2011

  1. 35% of kids don’t clean their teeth more than twice a day.
  2. 45 % clean their teeth for less than a minute.
  3. 48% of people don’t floss at all.

How does it function?


Sound vibrations go through the teeth from the bristles of the toothbrush, allowing children to listen to music while brushing. The brush, which uses unique technology, broadcasts high-quality sound into the jaw, which is subsequently communicated to the inner ear, allowing the brusher to hear the music.

A musical toothbrush’s music usually lasts for about two minutes. This is because most dentists recommend brushing your teeth for that period of time. When the music stops, the user knows that the two-minute timer has expired, and he can stop brushing his teeth. Brushing your teeth for this amount of time is likely to remove the majority of plaque and loose food particles from your teeth.

The electric toothbrush for kids promotes a healthy self-image and teaches children about oral hygiene. However, the child is having pleasure while brushing, feeling more “grown up” with a toothbrush that looks like Mom and Dad’s.

Best Toothbrushes that Plays Music for Kids

1. Smile Bright Children’s Sonic Electric Musical Toothbrush 

While there are several items on the market to encourage kids to brush their teeth for the prescribed two minutes, the Smile Bright children’s sonic electric musical toothbrush may have something that the others don’t… a more “mature” appearance.

The Smile Bright children’s sonic electric musical toothbrush plays a two-minute lively, pleasant melody that makes brushing more entertaining for kids and gets them interested about brushing.

2. Benjamin Brush Smart Music Toothbrush

Benjamin motivates children to brush their teeth properly. Every time you brush, he keeps track of your score so you can collect points and compete with your friends and family.

Brushing is simple with Benjamin’s high-speed electric motor. High-intensity pulses remove plaque and push fluid between teeth. In hard-to-reach areas, Benjamin is more effective than a manual toothbrush at preventing tartar build-up and cavities.

Benjamin’s heads are constructed of medical-grade silicone and are designed to endure for a year. Soft silicone prevents gum recession and dental enamel damage by eliminating over-brushing. Because bacteria despise silicone, Benjamin is inherently more sanitary and beneficial to dental health.

3. Tooth Tunes Junior toothbrush

The Tooth Tunes Junior toothbrush is specially created for little hands and mouths and is intended at young toddlers with their first teeth. Each Tooth Tunes Junior toothbrush has a minute of preschool-friendly music and supportive remarks to motivate and praise children while brushing.

A two-minute musical tooth brushing experience will be presented in an all-new and fascinating way to kids.

Musical Toothbrush’s Efficiency

Brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the most important things you can do to avoid cavities and build healthy teeth. While it is a simple part of an adult’s daily routine, many children dislike it and will avoid it if they can. Singing toothbrushes are a fun and interactive approach to make sure your child cleans their teeth properly. There are a variety of singing toothbrushes available today. Choosing the correct one for the right child will be determined by a number of things.

1. Song selections or song availability

Another important consideration is the music selection offered by the singing toothbrush brand. While many brands use old children’s songs, others use licensed music from prominent pop stars or movie scores. These more mainstream songs may be appropriate depending on the age of the child.

The brush’s goal is to persuade individuals to clean their teeth for the entire two minutes that is advised. However, you must genuinely enjoy the featured song, or it may have the opposite effect.

2. Battery life and replacement options

The battery life of the singing toothbrush is also significant because the brush will be singing at least twice a day. Although the electric toothbrushes will be rechargeable, many manual toothbrushes will still use standard batteries. Some will allow these batteries to be replaced, while others would consider the battery’s death to be a sign that the entire brush has to be replaced.

3. Bristle toughness

Making sure the singing toothbrush has a soft bristle head will make a difference in how well kids brush their teeth. Brushing with harder brush heads might cause tooth damage. Purchasing a toothbrush with medium or even hard bristles may be more beneficial for older children.

4. Price Range

Singing toothbrushes are quite inexpensive, with the majority costing between $10 and $30. Some higher-end models will cost more than this, with prices ranging from $50 to $100.

It’s vital to make tooth brushing enjoyable for kids. Instilling healthy oral hygiene practices in children while they are young is part of a bigger whole-person healthcare approach that will benefit them for the rest of their life. Brushing your teeth becomes a desire rather than a necessity.