How Much to Visit an Orthodontist Without Insurance?

For the most part, Canada’s healthcare covers quite a variety of medical expenses. However, it doesn’t cover the costs of a visit to an orthodontist. Since orthodontics is a dentistry specialty, it would be covered by anyone who has extended healthcare insurance or a dental plan. But what if you don’t have insurance? Is it possible to pay out of pocket for a visit to the orthodontist? If so, is that the best route? See how much a visit to the orthodontist will cost without insurance, so you’re prepared financially when you need an orthodontist’s expertise!

What’s the Cost without Insurance?

Insurance can play a large role in deciding whether or not to visit an orthodontist without insurance. If you have insurance, you may be able to get treatment without a problem. If you do not have insurance, it can be more difficult to get the treatment you need. It is important for people who do not have insurance to ask the doctor for any information explaining why they need treatment. This information should explain why they must receive treatment and their options if they cannot afford it. Some orthodontists in Calgary can offer payment plans or financing to get the treatment you may need.

If you can’t work with the options provided, you should try to save up as much money as possible before coming in since there will be additional costs after their treatment has been completed. The cost of braces varies depending on where one lives and what kind of braces they choose to receive, but it can range from $300-$5000 per month or more.

Visiting an orthodontist without insurance is usually not a good idea because it can be difficult to get the care you need, and it can also be very expensive.

Can Insurance be Helpful?

Dental tooth model with dentistry tools for teeth dental care and treatment on blue background.

Sometimes not all orthodontic clinics in Calgary can accept certain insurances. So, it’s important to see what ones would work with your insurance. In addition, ensure how much coverage your insurance provides by reviewing what your insurance entails, so there aren’t surprising expenses that come your way. Despite these technicalities, it is recommended to have insurance for an orthodontist visit. As mentioned earlier, some orthodontists offer plans to help pay for treatment as an option for those who don’t have insurance. However, those plans are more money than if you had insurance. As a result, this can be an expensive mistake because it may cost you much more money in the long run if you choose not to have insurance. Essentially, your best bet is to have insurance since it’s a brilliant safety net for when you need immediate treatment from an orthodontist.

Government Assistance Option

If you cannot pay the full cost of your treatment, you might be able to qualify for financial assistance from the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). Depending on your orthodontist, they can accept this form of payment as long as they deem treatment to be medically necessary. If you are eligible for financial aid, you will receive payment directly from AHCIP after your treatment has been completed. In this way, you can ensure you get treatment immediately without worry. If you have exhausted your options, this payment avenue is worth a shot. You can easily find resources online to direct you to the required documentation to fill out. And before you fill out the paperwork, it’s best to run it by the orthodontic clinic you’re visiting to ensure it would be a viable payment option.

Medical expenses can get costly – especially in specialty dentistry like orthodontics. It’s clear paying without insurance can be quite expensive and is not recommended. You can at least guarantee coverage whenever a medical emergency strikes and get proper treatment accordingly by having insurance. However, it’s good to be aware that there are payment options that those without insurance can go through. Not everyone can get insurance, so it can be reassuring for those uninsured to have other options and get their treatment.