Learn the Common Causes of Toothache

Do you feel discomfort when you chew your food or drink something hot or cold? These could be the early signs of some serious dental problems festering within. Whether it’s a cavity, loss of enamel coating, or some infections in the gum, oral problems usually manifest themselves in the form of toothache. It can range from a dull, continuous pain only in the affected area, to shrill pains and swellings in the entire mouth. Whatever the problem may be or how intense the pain, going about your normal life with a toothache is often quite difficult.

Common Causes

Since there are some underlying causes of toothaches, investigation of what is causing the pain is most important. While it is best to visit an experienced dentist for all oral problems, at times, it may be not easy to book an appointment immediately or find adequate time in short notice, amidst your busy schedule. For those occasions, it may be handy if you are acquainted with the common problems that cause toothache.

Tooth Decay

One of the most common causes of toothache is tooth decay. When plaque gets deposited on the teeth for too long, it slowly erodes the teeth and exposes the sensitive nerve ends. If care is not taken, the bacterial infection may even reach the pulp in the gum’s deep interiors and cause infection and shrill and constant pain.

Gum Infections

The bacterial activity in the plaque deposits can not just disturb your teeth but your gums as well. This often results in swelling, bleeding, and other forms of gum-related complications that can cause pain while moving your mouth.

Enamel Erosion

If your diet is full of acidic, carbonated, or excessively oily and salty dishes, it will not just affect your overall health but will have an adverse effect on your teeth and gums as well. The salt particles tend to stick to the teeth, and this results in the corrosion of the top layer of the teeth, known as the enamel coating. Excessive use of whitening toothpaste may also lead to similar complications. Once the enamel coating gets eroded, there is a constant sense of tingling and irritation.

New Teeth

If you think that you have grown all your teeth as a child, it is not so. New teeth often keep growing at different stages of like. Most of these teeth do not emerge fully from the gums and cause pain and swelling in the surrounding area.

Uneven Teeth Setting

Many people do not experience a linear growth of teeth, and as a result, many of the teeth grow in an uneven and haphazard manner. The tooth that grows later does not get enough space and pushes the other teeth around them to make space and cause pain.

Apart from these, loss of teeth due to trauma such as sudden fall and the like, along with habits such as that of grinding the teeth together, also cause pain.

Manage Your Toothache

To go through an entire day with a toothache is indeed very difficult. Till you meet your dentist and opt for a long term solution, having access to some easy remedies that can alleviate the pain can be very helpful. For unbearable toothache, CBD oil capsules can be very helpful.

With an even flow of CBD, these pills can effectively manage pain without the side effects of consuming painkillers. You can also opt for Delta 8 cart for direct application in the affected area. Apart from these, gargle with salt water solution or mild tea brews to drive away from the bacteria from the infected area.

However, for long term relief and better oral hygiene, it is important to consult a Fort Wayne, IN dentist before the pain aggravates beyond control and always make sure you rinse and clean your mouth after each meal.