How To Find Your Forever Dentist

Few professional relationships bear greater importance than the one with their dentist. Finding a reputable and experienced oral care provider could prove vital to one’s general health and potential longevity.

That said, identifying said professional is a serious undertaking not to be taken lightly. Dr. Tracey Downtown Dental invites those who have not yet established a working relationship with a dental practitioner to read further to learn several tips intended to make this process an easier one.

The Importance Of Good Dental Health

Healthcare professionals maintain practicing good oral health should begin at an early age and last throughout one’s lifetime. Optimal dental care is crucial on numerous fronts.

First, healthy teeth and gums precipitate healthy smiles. Few attributes are more beneficial than a bright, radiant smile. Such action often attracts others and could significantly influence an individual’s social and professional successes.

That said, superior dental care often influences issues more pertinent than pure personal aesthetics. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, and unhealthy oral components can contribute to major, potentially dangerous health problems over time.

Tips For Finding A Forever Dentist

Identifying said healthcare provider is a discernible undertaking industry professionals maintain should be performed over the following several steps:

Obtaining Referrals

Individuals starting from scratch are urged to obtain referrals. In most instances, every one a subject knows has visited an oral care professional. The references provided by associates like family, close friends, and colleagues might yield positive results. Additionally, inquiries with other medical industry specialists such as physicians and pharmacists could prove beneficial.

Research Information Sources

Should the personal referral process not prove fruitful, individuals might consider conducting online research employing search engines. Entering search cues like one’s hometown or village, followed by the word dentists, should generate numerous results to choose from. Furthermore, said subjects would also likely find a slew of dental professionals in their local phonebooks’ business section.

Narrowing The Field

Once several potential candidates have been identified, a prospective patient can narrow the field after considering several or all of the following factors:


Proximity to the professional in question’s offices is a sometimes overlooked but critical consideration. Most individuals have neither the desire nor the time to travel extensive distances for routine dental appointments and, above all, do not want to trek far when needing urgent care.

Emergency Care

Periodically, dental emergencies occur at inopportune times. Prospective patients should conclude whether potential candidates offer emergency services or refer said subjects to other providers.

Appropriate License And Registration

Industry insiders strongly suggest would-be patients verify potential candidates hold the proper licenses and registrations. Reputable professionals must possess a federal license to practice the craft anywhere in Canada.

Multiple Payment Options

Typically, professionally-administered dental care is not cheap. Therefore, many respected providers will offer patients multiple payment plans. Said individuals should accept numerous insurance forms and be willing to offer payment plans for those not fortunate enough to be enrolled in some type of dental coverage plan.

Utilization Of Modern Equipment

Granted, the dental office in question does not need to look like a scene from a futuristic movie. That said, such practices should utilize modern equipment and be familiar with all the latest treatments and techniques.

Effective Communication

The key to many professional relationships is effective communication. Professional practices will be attentive to aspiring patients’ needs and respond to their questions and concerns as promptly as time permits. Indifference or inattentiveness should be a major red flag.

Comfort Level

Above all, the provider in question should be someone the potential patient feels comfortable working with and spending time around. It is important to remember that who a patient ultimately chooses will be performing tasks crucial to themselves and their family members’ health and well-being. Therefore, said professional should, above all else, inspire confidence, comfort and trust.