Your Guide to Temporary Dental Fillings

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If you are about to undergo a dental procedure, you might have heard your dentist speak about a “temporary filling”. You might be at a loss of what this exactly means, considering you’re supposed to get a permanent filling to strengthen and support your teeth. Thankfully, we have this in-depth guide on … Read more

What Is Invisalign?

What Is Invisalign

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth without the use of metal braces. Invisalign is a series of custom-made clear trays that cover your teeth and gently pull them into the proper position over time. Because they are clear and can be taken on and off, they are virtually invisible. Most … Read more

What are the Types of Dentures?

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When you hear the word “dentures,” what comes into your mind? For most people, it’s probably the fake teeth that can be glued and have a tendency to fall out at the most unfortunate moments. This is sad but true, as most people only have a limited understanding of the different kinds … Read more

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can be a painful experience. It can occur from being knocked in the face while playing sports to biting on hard food. The pain can be significant, and leaving it can lead to cracked teeth and the development of cavities. It is why, if you have chipped your tooth, … Read more

What are the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental practice that helps improve the look of bite, gums, and teeth. These procedures primarily focus on the improvement in dental aesthetics when it comes to shape, color, size, alignment, position, and overall appearance of the teeth. But even if these procedures are often done for aesthetic … Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry: Why You Need It And Things You Need To Know About It

Why You Need Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is important for good self-esteem and self-image. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses many procedures including everything from simple whitening treatments to gum reshaping and contouring. Some procedures are more costly and involved than others, depending on the situation, person, and desired outcome. One of the most popular treatment is whitening. Tooth whitening … Read more