Invisalign: The Unnoticeable and More Convenient Option for Straightening Teeth

Perfectly straight teeth make for half the equation of a great-looking smile. Some people are born with it, but some are not. However, there are orthodontic solutions for the latter, and in a couple of years or so, they can have the straight teeth they want for a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic braces are the ideal solution for crooked teeth. Most people get them around the age of 12 or during the early teenage years. Typically, the duration for the treatment is more or less two years unless complications (such as the growth of new teeth) occur.

There are different kinds of braces, and most people are familiar with the metal or ceramic ones that come with brackets and wires. In recent years, though, Invisalign has grown to become a popular choice for orthodontic braces.

The primary advantage with Invisalign, Fort Lauderdale orthodontists say, is how it can straighten teeth without other people knowing about it. The aligners are clear, and they hug the teeth snugly. Most people don’t know a person is wearing it unless told.

But other than being an invisible way to straighten teeth, Invisalign offers many other advantages, five of which are discussed below.

1. They make maintaining dental health convenient.

You do not have to change your oral care routine much if you wear Invisalign because the aligners are removable. You can brush your teeth like you normally do and floss easily, which is never the case with traditional braces because of the obstructive brackets and wires.

Also, if you’re worried about bacterial proliferation that may damage your teeth, you can easily prevent this with Invisalign. You’re allowed to remove them for four hours every day. During this time, you can clean the aligners thoroughly and even soak them in denture cleaner, so they’re fresh for the next 20 hours of wearing them.

2. There are no bracket stains with Invisalign.

You don’t have to worry about marks or stains on your teeth once the treatment is over because Invisalign aligners are removable. Teeth stains are common for those who opt for traditional braces. These appear due to enamel demineralization, which is caused by the proliferation of bacteria around the brackets adhered to the teeth.

3. Invisalign is much easier to get used to.

According to a family dentist Fort Lauderdale locals turn to, Invisalign is much easier to get used to, especially for younger patients, because they are not as uncomfortable as traditional braces. They do not cause the lips to protrude. Plus, patients do not have to worry about the wires and brackets painfully poking the insides of their mouth.

Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, practically undetectable material that hugs the teeth. Therefore, they do not alter the shape of the mouth as traditional braces do. It’s important to point out as well that you need to remove your Invisalign when you eat. This is another aspect of this orthodontic solution that makes it so much easier for patients to get used to it.

4. The treatment period with Invisalign can be much shorter than with traditional braces.

One of the common issues people have with traditional braces is how the brackets are prone to loosening and coming off, especially for young patients. If the brackets do not adhere to the teeth securely, everything from brushing the teeth to biting into food can make them come off. Such a tendency can prolong the treatment period.

With Invisalign, on the other hand, there are very few cases of the aligners getting damaged. On top of that, you already get a set of aligners for the different stages of your treatment period. Thus, delays are quite uncommon with it.

5. With Invisalign, you already know how your teeth will look once the treatment’s over.

Invisalign treatment planning is fully computerized, and it shows the different results at all the stages of the treatment. The aligners are designed according to this step of the process.

You will be presented with an image of your mouth (or entire face) that shows the changes created by Invisalign. It’s a nice peek into the future, which can serve as a motivation for you to stick strictly to the treatment process.


There’s no denying that Invisalign offers many advantages. However, it’s also important to consider if it’s truly the best orthodontic solution for you. There are cases wherein other types of braces could be the better option.

Extremely crooked teeth, for instance, may be faster to correct with traditional braces as opposed to Invisalign. Lifestyle is also another important consideration if you want an orthodontic solution to work optimally well for you. Your budget is something else to factor in because out of all the braces options, Invisalign is usually the most expensive.

So, make sure to discuss all your options with your dentist because what’s most important here is to know what will work best for you.