The Best TempIR Battery-Powered Toothbrush

TempIR is a company that became known for producing high-quality thermometers, but when they received moderate success, the company started to branch out and make other types of medical and dental care products like baby monitors, oximeters, blood pressure monitors, first aid kits, and toothbrushes.

Their dental care line was only launched in the mid-2010s, but they have already garnered positive reviews for their only dental product in the market, which is the TempIR Sonic Wave Battery-Powered Toothbrush. Since there is currently only one toothbrush made by TempIR, we will be providing the pros and cons of the product instead of comparing it with other toothbrushes of the same brand, like the guides we did for the Colgate and Oral-B toothbrushes. To start this guide, let us first take a look at the positives of the Sonic Wave toothbrush for you to see if its advantages are suitable for you.


Firstly, TempIR only produces the Sonic Wave toothbrush in a bundle, and this bundle comes with two toothbrushes and four extra brush heads. There are no differences in features between the two toothbrushes included in the bundle, but they are presented in different colors where one is blue, and the other is pink. The replacement brush heads also have different colors, as two are in blue while the extra two are in pink. These replacement heads can fit into any of the two TempIR toothbrushes inside the box.

Once you take it out of the packaging and hold it in your hands, you will immediately notice how comfortable it feels to grip. The handle has a rubbery texture to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. Also, it has a little bit of contour near its buttons so that your index and middle fingers sit comfortably on it, and it can make your fingers grip the toothbrush tightly so that it won’t fall off.

In terms of the toothbrush’s neck, it has a slight curve that helps it reach deeper areas of the teeth without hurting the sides of the user’s mouth. The curved neck is also beneficial in cleaning the premolars of the teeth since they are also aligned in a curved manner.

The bristles of the Sonic Wave toothbrush are softer than most manual toothbrushes, which makes it more suitable for those with sensitive teeth or those who want a gentler brush. The gentle bristles are also perfect for kids who have teeth and gums that are not yet fully developed. In addition, the bristles also have different heights that made it look wavy from a distance. These wavy bristles help the toothbrush brush off food debris and plaque more effectively as there will be enough space for them to escape and not get stuck on the teeth or on the toothbrush.

However, the most positive aspect of the Sonic Wave toothbrush is its brushing mechanism once its power is turned on. The toothbrush provides a side-to-side motion rather than an oscillating motion because TempIR believes that the left-to-right movement is better in brushing off unwanted particles on the teeth, as the oscillating motion is only effective in whitening and removing tooth stains. Moreover, the side-to-side motion can also let the toothbrush have a high frequency, which allows it to have more brush strokes than oscillating brushes.


Now that we have talked about the positives of the Sonic Wave toothbrush, let us then discuss some of its negatives. One of its most glaring disadvantages is its battery, as the toothbrush runs only on AAA batteries that are not rechargeable, so you would have to replace them constantly if you use the toothbrush frequently.

But, some people might see this battery problem as an advantage, because the dilemma found on most toothbrushes with rechargeable batteries is that you would usually have a difficult time finding a replacement for their batteries since they have a unique shape that could only fit inside those toothbrushes. As such, toothbrushes with replaceable batteries like the Sonic Wave would be more convenient to use as you don’t have to worry too much about its batteries once they run out of juice.

Another disadvantage that the Sonic Wave toothbrush has is that it only has one brushing mode as opposed to some popular battery-powered toothbrushes that have three or even five modes of brushing. However, this can also be taken as a positive thing for people who are not keen on changing the settings of their toothbrush every time they use it since they just wanted to brush their teeth right away.

All in all, the TempIR Sonic Wave is an excellent toothbrush that is suitable for beginners of using battery-powered dental care tools, and it is also a great product for those who want to bring it as a travel toothbrush instead of bringing their expensive ones with them on their trips.