15 Cute and Easy Ponytails You Would Love

Rope Braid Pony

The most noticeable part of a woman’s beauty is her hair. However, your hair can be the biggest distraction while you are doing something important. This is why we at www.plushfluffly.com have come up with 15 easy and cute ponytails that you can make on a daily basis. 1. Low Knot Ponytail … Read more

What are Dermal Fillers?

woman being injected in the face

Many people are dreaming of having plump, youthful, and smooth skin. There are many procedures and products that can help you achieve these. One of those is through dermal fillers. These are injectable treatments that are easy to get, long-lasting, and designed for subtleness. Dermal fillers are also safe, provided that you … Read more

Five Steps for Fighting Cough and Cold

Five Steps for Fighting Cough and Cold

For many, the cough and cold season starts the moment weather shifts from warm to cold or cold to warm. Many who have allergic rhinitis say that the shift is tougher for them because it often starts out with a flare-up and then eventually morphs into an official cough and cold. Some … Read more

What Is an Oncologist?

What Is an Oncologist

Oncologists provide treatment and care for those who have cancer. They coordinate and manage everyone who is in need. For now, cancer has one of the leading roles in deaths all over the world, especially in the US. It is also good to know, that there are more and more people who … Read more

How to do Organizing in Your Home

How to do Organizing in Your Home

The key to a prosperous household is in the organization. Nobody likes to live in a house full of chaos. When there’s no organization in a home, it starts taking a toll on your health, and relationships too. When your home is organized, you are happy, relaxed, and energetic, and you find … Read more

Aortic Stenosis: Clinical Signs and Treatment

stenotic aortic valve

The disease itself is regarded as one of the most widespread heart problems. It affects mostly elderly people and makes surgical treatment an extremely difficult task. Sometimes, an acquired aortic myocardial defect develops against the background of the underlying disease, which may be carcinoid syndrome, diabetes, lupus erythematosus, and ochronosis. Symptoms of … Read more