15 Cute and Easy Ponytails You Would Love

The most noticeable part of a woman’s beauty is her hair. However, your hair can be the biggest distraction while you are doing something important. This is why we at www.plushfluffly.com have come up with 15 easy and cute ponytails that you can make on a daily basis.

1. Low Knot Ponytail

Smooth your hair towards the back and gather it at your neck. Then, divide them into two equal sections and tie a tight knot using both of them. You can use hairspray or bobby pins to make the ponytail sleeker.

2. Braided Ponytail

Make a braid out of your front hair section. Style and smooth the remaining hair into a neat ponytail. Now take your braided front section and wrap it around the ponytail. Secure it with a few bobby pins and voila.

3. The Ponytail Bow

Make a low ponytail and select a large hair section from it. Then use an elastic for wrapping it around your ponytail and make a bow above your ponytail using another section. We at www.plushfluffy.com just love this chic hairstyle.

4. Full Volume Ponytail

This ponytail is great for curly hair texture. Create one ponytail at the top and one at the bottom. Tease the top ponytail to achieve volume and then cover the bottom ponytail with top ponytail hair. This will make your hair look longer and more voluminous.

5. French Braided Ponytail

Make a regular ponytail and choose a hair section from the ponytail to wrap it around and hide your elastic. Then, take another hair section and French braid it around the ponytail utilizing ponytail pieces for adding the braid. Use a small hair band to secure it in the end.

6. The Piece-y Ponytail

For people with thin hair, www.plushfluffly.com has got this amazing volumizing hairstyle. Make four sections of your hair and backcomb the front one to make it messy. Then secure all sections with bobby pins after twisting them. Finally, make a low pony from the bottom section with a hairband.

7. Chic Chignon Ponytail

You can make this ponytail in fancy events as well. Section your hair after straightening it and use bobby pins to secure it. Twist the section that you pinned on both sides. Then, make a ponytail of the remaining hair and wrap a hair strand around it. Use hairspray for smoothing fly-aways.

8. Segmented Ponytail

Segmented ponytails work wonder for long hair. Take a top section and create natural volume by teasing it. Style the top section into a ponytail and hide the elastic band by wrapping a hair strand around it. Make another ponytail with the bottom section and you have a great ponytail.

9. Loose Side Braided Pony

Take a top section on the side and begin braiding. Use an elastic for tying the end of the braid and use the remaining hair for making a ponytail on top. Twist and wrap this braid around your ponytail and tuck it inwards.

10. Twisted Pony

Take a top section and divide the remaining hair into two sections as well. Tease the top hair section and loosely cross the lower sections. Use bobby pins for securing all sections.

11. Rope Braid Pony

www.plushfluffy.com truly loves this effortless ponytail. Make a high ponytail, divide it into two, twist both sections, and secure with an elastic band.

12. Two Braided Pony

Start braiding the top section on the side and select another small hair section halfway while proceeding down the head on your opposite side. Take a hair elastic for tying the ends of the hair and make a high ponytail of the remaining hair. Twist these braids around your ponytail base and tuck them inwards.

13. Fishtail Pony

Use a hairband for making a high ponytail. Take a big section from the ponytails back for wrapping it around the base of the ponytail. Cross and twist the pony and keep repeating these steps till the end. Use a clear hair elastic for tying it.

14. Dual French Braided Ponytail

On both hair sides, make a French braid and secure them at ears with elastic bands. Make a ponytail of the remaining hair and twist your braids around the base of the ponytail to hide your elastic band. You can also use bobby pins for securing the ponytails.

15. The New Low Weave Ponytail

This ponytail is declared the chicest one by www.plushfluffy.com. Make three parts of your hair and turn the bottom part into a low pony. Now, take pieces from both of the remaining sections for wrapping around the pony alternatively.