20 Effective Home Remedies For Toothaches And Pain Relief

20 Effective Home Remedies For Toothaches And Pain Relief

Table of Content Factors That Can Cause Toothaches And Pain Sensitivity Abscessed Tooth Damaged/Eroded Enamel Caries Sinus Infection 20 Effective Home Remedies For Toothaches And Pain Relief 1. Oil Pulling 2. Saltwater 3. Peppermint 4. Garlic 5. Cloves 6. Turmeric 7. Oregano Oil 8. Hydrogen Peroxide 9. Whiskey 10. Nutmeg Oil 11. … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants

Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants

Table of Content What Are Dental Implants? Benefits 1. Long-Lasting 2. Cost-Effective Investment 3. Highly Durable 4. Natural 5. Comfortable Fit 6. Aesthetically Pleasing 7. Requires Less Maintenance 8. Function Like Regular Teeth 9. Doesn’t Require Adjustments How implants are done in four steps Side effects of dental implants Allergy To Titanium … Read more

14 Common Dental Diseases And How To Prevent Them

14 Common Dental Diseases And How To Prevent Them

There are many common dental problems that individuals everywhere face. They can be genetic or influences by our habits, such as not brushing twice a day or practicing healthy habits such as eating well, getting enough sleep, etc. Here are 14 common dental problems and solutions : Table of Content Here are … Read more

How To Remove Tartar And Dental Plaque From Teeth Naturally

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It’s important to understand the reason behind dental care and oral hygiene in order to understand how to care for our teeth. The root of most dental problems stems from plaque. Plaque is a film of bacteria and food particles that build up on the surface of teeth, causing problems including bad … Read more

24 Things That Make You More Likely To Get Cavities

24 things that more likely to get you cavities

Cavity. It’s the word we all dread hearing when we’re at the dentist’s office. Unfortunately, the average person tends to have one or more cavities develop in their lifetime. There are all kinds of habits and behaviors that add to the risk of getting cavities, from eating sugary foods to neglecting to … Read more

15 Everyday Habits That Can Hurt Your Teeth

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Everyday Habits That May Damage Your Teeth And Healthier Alternatives Oral hygiene is an important part of maintaining oral health. If you brush and floss twice a day, every day and attend regular dental checkups, those are some of the most important steps to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. But, there … Read more

Top 20 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

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Brushing and flossing your teeth isn’t the only way you can keep your teeth healthy. There are lots of ways to help keep your oral health up, most importantly, by being conscious of the things you eat and drink. We all know that constant exposure to sugar can be harmful to our … Read more

All About Toothbrushes and Dental Hygiene

All about toothbrushes

Almost everyone uses a toothbrush as part of their everyday routine. When you get up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night, you grab your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Some pet owners even brush their cat or dog’s teeth too. But what counts as a toothbrush and … Read more