Can Orthodontists Put on Braces?

You need to know about your teeth that some things that may seem harmless could cause more pain than thought. One such thing is that it takes a specific type of doctor to place the braces on patients’ teeth. Sure, some orthodontists can also do some surgeries and procedures as well as other dentists, but not all of them are allowed to put braces on their patients’ teeth. The proper doctors for this job would be an orthodontist or oral surgeons who specialize in this field, and many people don’t even know the difference between these two types of doctors.

The first difference you will notice is that there are fewer options with an orthodontist than with an oral surgeon. For example, an orthodontist wouldn’t do it if you felt that your braces were hurting too much and wanted them to be removed. Even though he or she would recommend it, the removal of braces is only done by an oral surgeon’s office. Also, if someone was to break their teeth after having had braces on for so long and needed surgery to fix them because they are no longer a part of a patient’s gum line, this would not be done by an orthodontist either. That job would also go over to the professionals at oral surgeon offices.

Another thing some people might not know is that people wear braces in the first place is so they can move their teeth to a better place. If someone has crooked teeth, the purpose of braces is to correct this problem and have people have straight teeth by the time they are done with treatment. This sounds great in theory but there’s a catch-a lot of adults actually still have somewhat noticeable issues with their teeth when they take off their braces. It depends on the person, though. Some people do not have much of an issue with it once their braces are taken off while others may need some help from tooth whitening treatments or even veneers placed over their teeth until they get used to seeing themselves without curvy and crooked smiles anymore.

Orthodontists have been around since 1819, and they have continued to develop new ways of helping the most people possible in the best way possible over time. They also enjoy continuing knowledge about all of their equipment and how it helps them to help others achieve better dental health. There is no limit to an orthodontist’s education or what he or she can do with it once finished, so there is no end in sight when it comes to these professionals improving themselves and others at such a young age still.

As you can see, it’s not as simple as knowing that only a specialist in the field of dentistry is allowed to put them on with braces. In fact, there are even different types of doctors who specialize in this field and each one does different procedures depending on what their patients need from them. Next time you have a question about your teeth or those belonging to someone else, just ask an expert at either an orthodontist’s office or a dentist before taking any other steps towards fixing whatever dental problem may be present.

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Summary of Orthodontics & Braces

– It takes a specific type of doctor to place the braces on patients’ teeth: either a dentist or a trained orthodontist

– Orthodontists tend to have different qualifications than oral surgeons do, and therefore, can assist with braces

– In most cases, adults need help from orthodontists to finally take off their braces after treatment is finished