Best Time of the Year to Visit the Dentist

Dentistry is a profession that has many different names, like pedodontist, endodontist, orthodontist, dental surgeon, and more. Although, pretty much everyone knows what one refers to when they mention dentistry. For most people, it’s a medical office you go to, get sat down in a chair, and have uncomfortable procedures performed like cleaning and fillings and tooth removal. Yeah, going to the dentist is certainly no picnic for most people. The average person does whatever they can to avoid taking a trip to a dental office. Though a big part of the reason here is that the offices are crowded and you’re left having to wait, or you may find that the rates are a bit too high.

What if you could change these aspects of going in for a dental visit? You may not know it, but there are certain times of the year where you can go and see your dental practitioner and not only avoid those large crowds and long wait times, but also save a bit of money in the process. It’s all about the time of year you select for your appointment. The good news here is that you’re the one scheduling the appointments. Outside of a legitimate emergency, you can receive dental care at your leisure, so it’s a smart idea to choose the ideal time on the calendar.

Dental Care in the Late Fall

Breaking the year down into four seasons, what we find is that the fall (or autumn) is the best time of the year to plan a dental visit. Summers are when everyone’s trying to look their best, so the lines are much longer with people who want their teeth cleaned and whitened. In the winter, after the holiday season, a lot of people are catching up on things like dental care, or they have that proverbial New Year’s resolution to do certain things. The spring is when the weather’s starting to get nicer, and people are just out doing a lot more, including taking trips to a dental office. So, that leaves the fall. Late fall, to be precise, and here are a few reasons why this is.

Why Late Fall is the Ideal Time

Far Less Crowded

The first big reason is that far fewer people are out in general. You’re looking at November here, give or take a week or two, where most people are getting into that “winter” zone, where their focus is on ensuring they have heat. And especially in places like Canada, people’s attentions are turned to winterizing their homes, yards, automobiles, and other aspects of the season to come. So this leaves a lot fewer people even thinking about receiving dental care. Although, this is a sweet spot of the calendar year, the ideal time to see the dentist without the traffic and higher costs associated with a visit.

People Prepping for Holidays

Another thing people are prepping for is the holidays. Whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or another sort of winter holiday, over 95% of people celebrate some kind of big family-oriented holiday in the winter. Needless to say, they’re not thinking about dental care. They’re thinking about presents and decorations and travel and other aspects of the holiday.

Winter is Coming

People don’t like the cold! Even Canadians, who are used to harsh winters and have sports like hockey pumping through their blood, don’t want to go out in the freezing cold if they don’t have to. Every other time of year, you run the risk of running into large dental crowds. But not with late fall. Everyone’s focus is on the few months to come. It’s time to act.

The Best Deals Available

Dental practitioners understand that these crowds are seriously thinning out in the late fall, and so they try to entice business their way by offering deals and discounts. By going in the late fall, while everyone else is ignoring their dental care, you can find some great deals and discounts designed to bring you in. So you win on two fronts.

It’s important to receive dental care, but nobody wants to overpay for it or have to wait in crowded offices. If you can, plan your appointment toward the end of fall. You will be thrilled you made this choice.