The Evolution of Braces


 When we think of braces, those metal brackets that go onto our teeth to straighten them out over time, we rarely think about them in a historical context. We don’t necessarily think of them as something that evolved through trial and error. One of the biggest reasons is that we view straight … Read more

Natural Ways to Strengthen Teeth

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Calcium and Phosphate minerals help to make up tooth enamel, along with the dentin and bone. These minerals prevent cavities and tooth decay. With age, the content of these minerals in your teeth starts decreasing. Also, they can be in little quantity if you eat a lot of acidic and sugary foods. … Read more

Benefits of Oil Pulling

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The swishing of oil in the mouth is known as oil pulling. It is a folk remedy that came from South Asia. It removes bacteria from your mouth and promotes oral hygiene. Sometimes it is associated with Ayurveda, a traditional medicine system from India. Some practitioners claim that oil pulling can treat … Read more

Food and Drinks That Prevent Bad Breath

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Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a condition in which a person emanates an unpleasant breath odor. It can be an indication of poor oral hygiene, any dental disease, or even a symptom of an underlying condition (although it is a rare instance). Bad breath can cause loss of self-confidence and … Read more

What Causes Bad Breath?

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Bad breath, also known as halitosis can be an embarrassing thing while you are going out for a meeting or a party. It can also be a major problem when you are with your friends or loved ones. There is nothing to worry about your bad breath. It can easily be prevented … Read more

What Do Dentists Do?

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Have you got pain in a tooth? Are your teeth more sensitive than usual? What about the jaw pain and TMJ flare-ups? A trip to the dentist can solve all these questions and concerns. These highly qualified professionals are ones that you go to when you have problems with your teeth and … Read more

Precautions to Take After Whitening Your Teeth

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Whether professionally done or Do It Yourself (DIY), Teeth whitening treatments have been the go-to remedy for people who want to gain whiter teeth. However, teeth whitening is not permanent, and while the treatment itself stays for a while, what you do later on to keep your teeth white is also vital. There … Read more

How to Avoid Teeth Stains

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Acidic juices, coffee, sodas, smoke, tea, highly pigmented foods, and certain medications can bring unwelcome damage to our pearly white teeth, not that they should be completely white. Our teeth’ natural pigment is light yellow to light yellow-red, and as you grow older, they tend to get darker. As time passes, the … Read more

Guide to Proper Flossing

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One of the most important parts of dental hygiene is flossing. It cleans and removes food particles stuck between the teeth, reducing the number of plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Plaque is the sticky build-up of film on teeth that causes gum disease and cavities. People have a habit of brushing their teeth … Read more

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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A large portion of the world’s population is already embracing the teeth whitening market, which is predicted to increase to more than $7.4 billion annually by 2024. This figure serves as proof that the masses have felt the benefits of whitening their teeth. If you’re someone with discolored or stained teeth, you most probably … Read more