What is the butterfly lip trend?

New trends and makeup methods are continuously appearing in the beauty and cosmetics industry, which is always changing. Butterfly lips are one such style that has grown in popularity recently. Using vibrant hues and complex embellishments, this one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge trend includes creating a lip appearance that resembles the delicate wings of a butterfly. But what precisely is the butterfly lip trend, and how can you get this eye-catching appearance?

This article will go into the realm of butterfly lips and cover all the essential information you should be aware of. We have got you covered on everything about butterfly lips. Let us dig in and learn more about the butterfly lip trend’s charm!

What are butterfly lips?

The latest fad in lip fillers is butterfly lips. The butterfly lip filler technique is based on the principles of the Russian lip technique and is named for the form that resembles butterfly wings. To define Cupid’s Bow similarly to Russian lips, it includes injecting lip filler vertically to heighten the lips. After the filler injection, the lips are strip-taped to stop the filler from migrating and to let it settle in place, giving the lips maximum definition.

Injecting a filler dissolver right away before reinjecting a new lip filler is an intriguing procedure performed in certain butterfly lip filler treatments. After dissolving, the lip filler is ‘melted’ and pushed into the lips with the help of a wooden spatula to stop it from migrating.


How are Russian lips and the butterfly lip method different?

Russian lips and butterfly lip filler are extremely similar; however, butterfly lip filler uses additional processes that are said to cure pre-existing lip filler migration and stop freshly injected lip filler from migrating.

Any migrating pre-existing lip filler is first dissolved. The dissolved filler is then pushed into the lips using a little wooden spatula. After injecting fresh filler into the lips vertically, the lips are taped in a certain manner to keep the filler in place.

Do butterfly lip fillers migrate?

Both Russian and butterfly lip fillers are prone to migration. Although it is said that using strip tape will stop migration, this is untested and extremely unlikely to be the case. Dermal filler is a gel that gradually fuses with the tissue of the lips over a period of weeks. The kind and volume of the lip filler, the injection method, and the density of your lip tissue all affect where it will ultimately be placed. The tape will stop swelling from spreading over the lips, which is one of the main reasons the after-treatment appearance seems so defined and full, but it is not powerful enough to affect how the dermal filler settles.

Are butterfly lips safe?

The butterfly lip method is a more risky procedure due to the simultaneous use of dermal filler dissolver and filler as well as the vertical injection of filler into the lips. You are more likely to experience an uneven outcome, filler migration, and significant edema after using a dermal filler dissolver, which can constrict blood vessels and impair blood flow.

The additional usage of tape to control the swelling may also put a substantial local strain on the lip tissue, delaying healing and raising the possibility of a restricted blood supply once more.

Are outcomes from the butterfly lip filler procedure satisfactory?

When compared to the Russian lip method, the butterfly lip approach does not have a higher likelihood of producing satisfactory outcomes. Because the dissolver will damage the freshly injected dermal filler, it is quite unlikely that you will achieve good results while using a dermal filler dissolver in the same session. In comparison to other methods, butterfly lip fillers offer no benefits, have higher dangers, and are more likely to result in lengthy downtime because of significant swelling and bruising.

Why do people get butterfly lip fillers?

The adoption of ‘trends’ in marketing is nothing new, and butterfly lip fillers are simply another example. If a doctor offers you butterfly lip fillers, you should be extremely wary since in medicine, new does not always equate to excellent or safe.

How long does lip filler last?

Before a touch-up is required, the results of the butterfly lip filler might persist for many months. Before choosing to get treatment, it’s crucial to explore the risks and advantages of the operation with your doctor.

The Trend

In the realm of cosmetics and beauty, the butterfly lip trend is a relatively recent development, and it is challenging to pinpoint a particular person or company as its innovator. However, the popularity of this style has been greatly aided by the numerous makeup artists and beauty influencers on social media.

Makeup artist Celine Bernaerts, who developed a butterfly-inspired lip look for a fashion show in 2017, is one of the trend’s early pioneers. Since then, a lot of influencers and cosmetic artists have tried out the fad and posted their results on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

The popularity of the butterfly lip trend is also attributable to the rising need for distinctive and imaginative makeup looks and the expanding impact of social media on the development of beauty trends. The butterfly lip style has gained popularity in recent years as a go-to look for formal occasions, picture sessions, and creative expression.


In conclusion, despite the current rise in popularity of the butterfly lip trend, it’s important to be aware of the dangers and adverse consequences that might result from the surgery. The chance of inconsistent outcomes, migration, and severe swelling can be increased by the use of a dermal filler dissolver and by injecting filler into the lips vertically. While social media has aided in the trend’s growth, it’s important to put safety first and seek competent advice before undergoing any cosmetic surgery. Making wise decisions regarding your health and attractiveness should always come first, along with remaining aware of any concerns.