Can an Orthodontist Straighten Just One or Two Teeth?

Anyone with a full set of crooked teeth can expect to see an orthodontist for treatment to straighten them out. But what if you only have one or two crooked teeth? Is it a cause for concern? Can it possibly be corrected? If these questions have been boggling your mind for quite some time, continue to read on to see if one or two crooked teeth are worth an orthodontic visit.

What Causes One or Two Crooked Teeth?

There are a few causes for one or two teeth to become crooked. Some reasons stem from early development. It’s been said early oral trauma when the tooth is developing is plausible, such as early loss of baby teeth. Also, thumb sucking after a baby begins to teethe can result in a crooked tooth. Other reasons include the loss of nearby adult teeth, uncharacteristically big teeth, and poor swallowing reflux that causes the tongue to push against the front teeth. These all could potentially lead to one or two crooked teeth.

Is One or Two Crooked Teeth of Concern?

With only one of two crooked teeth, you might wonder: “do I need to worry about seeing an orthodontist over this?” It might seem minor, but one or two crooked teeth are still a misalignment issue. Even with a single misalignment, you can still put your oral health at risk. One crooked tooth can make cleaning harder, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. In turn, it affects the teeth surrounding the single crooked tooth to discolouration, decay, and even gum disease if not addressed sooner.

Furthermore, you might not realize that a single crooked tooth can throw off your bite. This single misalignment causes pressure on your teeth, resulting in cracked teeth or increased enamel wear. Upon first impression, one crooked tooth might seem harmless. However, it can greatly impact your oral health if left unchecked. It’s why it’s best to visit your orthodontist regardless of how small the misalignment is so that you can prevent such issues.

Is There Treatment for Few Crooked Teeth?

With only a few crooked teeth to fix, what treatment options exist? Thankfully, there are a few avenues to choose from to correct one or two misaligned teeth. Of course, the guidance of your orthodontist can lead to a treatment that will work most effectively for you.

When it comes to one or two crooked teeth, you can correct them with braces or clear aligners, both are good options. It’s a sure-fire way to bring a tooth or two back into alignment. With clear aligners, you can have them fitted to the specific area where your single crooked tooth resides. It’s the perfect solution if you prefer the invisible, discreet design of clear aligners.

A less extensive treatment option is available to help fix one or two crooked teeth. This option would be a retainer. Whether it’s removable or fixed retainers, they can help straighten out your single misalignment with some alterations by the orthodontist.

All these orthodontic treatment options come with their own pros and cons, but they all are effective in bringing one or two teeth back into alignment. Ultimately, the best treatment is the one that will produce the best results in the end for you.

There is a reason why orthodontics is an important branch of dentistry. The alignment of your teeth and jawbone can impact your oral and overall health. When they’re misaligned, it can create a host of problems. Even with one or two misalignments, it can certainly influence your well-being. In this case, minor misalignments shouldn’t be overlooked, and a visit from an orthodontist would be in your best interest. After all, it is possible to get treatment for them. So, why not make a proactive effort toward bettering your oral health? Fixing one or two crooked teeth will do wonders to help promote healthy teeth. But, ultimately, you can have a complete smile by fully straightening your teeth with a simple correction.