Food and Drinks That Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a condition in which a person emanates an unpleasant breath odor. It can be an indication of poor oral hygiene, any dental disease, or even a symptom of an underlying condition (although it is a rare instance). Bad breath can cause loss of self-confidence and be a source of embarrassment, anxiety, and even depression.

Certain foods (like onion and garlic), habits (such as smoking), and medications are among the causes of bad breath. If you are quite concerned about your bad breath, you can reduce it by starting with consistent dental hygiene.

But if you don’t like commercial gums, mints, and mouthwashes, there are certain foods that can help mask bad breath, albeit temporarily. Here are the following foods that can provide relief for bad breath, until you are able to determine the cause of it (such as bacteria that cause foul odors in your mouth). 

1) Yogurt

If you have not included yogurt to your diet yet, it’s time that you should! Besides being an excellent source of calcium, yogurt has properties that help reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide in different areas of your mouth. Hydrogen sulfide causes bad breath. Dentists recommend yogurt (and other dairy products such as milk and cheese) as they are excellent sources of Vitamin D, which reduces the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

2) Green tea

Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called catechin, which can get rid of bacteria that encourage bad breath in your mouth.

3) Apples and pears

Eating apples and pears can help clean your teeth and fight bad breath. The fibrous content of apples and pears act like a toothbrush – they scrub away the plaque from teeth and remove other food debris. Plus, the acidity of these fruits helps kill off bacteria that cause that unwanted breath in your mouth.

4) Nuts

Nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, are packed with fiber. Thus, they work in the same manner as apples, pears, and other fresh fruits and vegetables in cleansing your mouth and eliminating bacteria that cause bad breath.

5) Fresh, minty herbs

If commercial mints seem too artificial to you, you might as well go for the ones from none other than our Mother Nature. When chewing the fragrant leaves of certain herbs, such as mint, spearmint, and parsley, it releases their natural oils that produce a deodorizing effect that can kill off the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. They also contain chlorophyll, which also has anti-bacterial properties.

Minty beverage – if you don’t like chewing raw leaves, you can prepare tea by boiling the leaves in water or seeping them in hot water. Not only will it leave you with a fresh breath, it also provides benefits to your digestive system and even helps you lose weight.

6) Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, are a rich source of vitamin C, which is ideal for fending off the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.

7) Fennel seeds

Nibbling on fennel seeds helps nullify foul odors and promote healthy digestion. Dry mouth is one of the causes of bad breath. It is due to the lack of saliva, which is your mouth’s first line of defense against plaque-causing bacteria. Fennel seeds help increase the saliva in your mouth, rinsing the bacteria off it.

8) Water

a glass of water

Although not technically classified as food, there is no better drink to remedy bad breath than water. It keeps your mouth moist and rinses the debris and bacteria out of your mouth. Drinking water regularly is good not only for your mouth, but also for your body in general.