What Are The Benefits of Dental Implants?

Sometimes, a healthy smile requires more support than others. With plenty of dental treatments available, it is possible to make that a reality for yourself. Yet, depending on your unique dental needs, your local dentist downtown may recommend you get dental implants. If you need clarification on what dental implants entail, don’t worry – everything you need to know about it is here and understand the various benefits it can offer you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Before you consider this dental procedure, it’s best to understand what it is and how it works. Dental implants are surgically implanted into the jaw to restore by supporting artificial (fake) teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.

How exactly do they accomplish this?

Dental implant systems typically consist of a dental implant body and an implant abutment. Sometimes it may include an abutment fixation screw.

But what exactly do all these individual components do?

A dental implant body is surgically inserted in the jawbone in place of the tooth’s root. Meanwhile, the dental implant abutment is usually attached to it thanks to the abutment fixation screw, which extends through the gums and into the mouth to support the attached artificial teeth.

Why Would Someone Need Dental Implants?

Any downtown dentist can tell you that there are various reasons someone may need dental implants. For instance, some hockey players may get a dental implant due to an injury resulting in their tooth being lost. Alternatively, if someone loses a tooth from a disease, it creates complications that lead to rapid bone loss, defective speech, or changes to their chewing patterns. Without dental implants, some folks facing these issues could struggle with chewing daily or even impact their self-esteem. Getting dental implants done can significantly improve not only your quality of life but also your health.

Can Just Anyone Get a Dental Implant?

When making any dental decisions, it’s important to consult your chosen dental provider. Everyone has a unique body makeup that needs to be accounted for when considering dental implants. Like any procedure, there could be potential risks you should be aware of before considering reaping any benefits.

The following factors should be considered as they can dictate whether you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants:

  • Overall health: Good health is important for this procedure since it can determine how long it can take to heal and how long the implant may stay in place.
  • Brand & model of dental implant: When you see your dental provider, ask what brand and model of dental implant system is used, so you can compare what’s best and keep this information for your records.
  • Smokers beware: Depending on how much you smoke, it may affect the healing process and decrease the long-term success of the implant.
  • Are okay with a long healing process: You may need to make certain preparations for this procedure since the healing process for the implant body may take several months or longer. Until then, you will have a temporary abutment in place of the tooth.

Is Getting Dental Implants Worth It?

The ultimate question is whether the possible risks outweigh all the potential benefits. Here are a few of the most common benefits many get from dental implants:

  • Restores the ability to chew: We don’t appreciate the ability to chew until it’s taken away from us. Not being able to chew can seriously compromise how you eat daily, making enjoying your favourite food almost impossible. With dental implants, you can make eating food enjoyable again.
  • Restores cosmetic appearance: Having a missing tooth for all to see can make someone self-conscious about their appearance. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem can take a hit. By having a dental implant, you can smile with confidence by restoring that missing tooth.
  • It helps keep the jawbone from shrinking due to bone loss: A shrinking jawbone can result in facial changes over time. The tell-tale signs are noticing your mouth collapsing into your face, your chin becoming more pointed, and deep wrinkles can appear around the mouth. With dental implants, you can at least preserve your natural, youthful look.
  • Preserves the health of the surrounding bone and gums: Gum tissue and bones surround and support the teeth. Healthy gums and strong bones help hold the teeth firmly in place. In turn, it can also help stabilize the adjacent (nearby) teeth.

Dental implants are a great way to improve someone’s quality of life. Whether it’s being able to chew or smile confidently again, dental implants make that possible. If the benefits outweigh any potential risks, consider contacting your local dentist downtown to see whether you can get the procedure done.