Tips and Tricks to Make Thin Lips Fuller

The symmetry and beauty of the face depend heavily on the lips. People’s perceptions of beauty are greatly influenced by the size and shape of the lips. The appearance of a person’s lips influences his/her attractiveness. Lips that are full and plump are thought to be young and attractive. Recently, cosmetic surgery to attain full, plump lips has become more popular, but the outcomes can be disastrous. 

If you are one of those who fantasize about having Kylie Jenner pouts without undergoing cosmetic surgery, this post is for you. If your lips are a tad on the thin side, worry not! There are plenty of tips and tricks you can try to hack your way to fuller, more luscious lips. Read on to find out a few techniques to thicken your lips in the most natural-looking way. 



Exfoliation is a crucial step and should be the first thing you try. Flaky, dry lips reflect less light, making them appear smaller than they are. Before you begin applying your makeup, take care of your lips if you want to change their appearance. Gently exfoliate with a scrub designed for the lips, applied with a toothbrush. Brush in small, circular movements to help get the blood flowing in your lips, giving them more natural volume and a healthy, rosy color. Not only will your lips look naturally fuller, but you’ll remove all the dead skin cells.


Have you ever observed that your lips appear smaller at the end of the day when you forget to drink water? That is a result of lip dehydration. Your lips shrivel up and disappear when your body is dehydrated. A lot of water helps to hydrate the lips.

A Good Lip Balm


Although lip balm might not be as entertaining as a bright red color on a night out, it’s essential for maintaining your lips healthy during the day. Our lips have delicate skin that needs to be kept hydrated. Maintaining the health of your lips will ensure that they are primed and prepared for lipstick application, which is one of the simplest ways to give them a fuller appearance.

Lip Mask 

A fun and easy technique to give your pout the right fullness is using lip masks. Lips that are moisturized and healthier will appear fuller. There are lip masks that target and treat dry, flaky lips. Some are fashioned after sheet masks and are intended to be applied to your lips for a short period so that collagen and other healthy elements can penetrate them. You can choose an overnight mask that applies like a lip balm if applying a gel mask to your lips doesn’t appeal to you.

Lip Liner

Lip liner, which also helps prevent lipstick from feathering and can be used to help plump your lips, is a classic trick you can use to give the appearance of fuller lips. Overline your lips with a color that complements your lipstick. Drawing slightly above your natural lip line requires gradually building up to avoid looking too artificial. You may try applying concealer over your lips first, tracing lip liner over it, and then filling it in with the lipstick of your choice. Makeup artists apply this technique to give their customers the appearance of larger lips, albeit it may take some effort to get it properly.

Right Lipstick Shade

Each person has a preferred color for their lipstick, but by choosing hues that complement your skin tone, you may enhance their natural appearance and make them appear fuller. Fairer skin tones look best in peachy pinks and warm nudes, whilst darker skin tones look best in deeper plum tones and browns. Only go one to two shades darker than your natural lip color for a natural-looking tone.

Lip Gloss

This works wonders for your lips in just a few short seconds. Apply a dab of your preferred clear lip gloss to the center of both of your lips (or to a chosen shade that matches the color of your lipstick). The glossy shine product catches the light and gives your pout a fuller, brighter appearance.


You can use contour to give your lips a larger appearance; it’s not just for the face. Use a brush to sweep a contour powder under your bottom lip after applying your lip products. The line where your lips terminate is softened by using a contour color under the bottom lip. It gives the lips a natural pout and a tiny shadow beneath them, giving the impression that the lips are bigger. If you need help, several videos online explain how to use lip cosmetics to enhance the look of your lips and thin them out.

Lip Fillers

Consider lip fillers if you don’t have time to use makeup every day or want a longer-lasting fix for your thin lips. Usually, lip fillers last between 12 and 18 months. However, it depends on your age and the rate at which your body converts calories into energy (metabolism). Because young individuals burn calories more quickly, lip fillers don’t last as long on them. With lip fillers, you can get larger, more sensual lips without cosmetic surgery that seem incredibly natural and complement the recipient’s facial proportions.

Natural Lip Exfoliators and Plumpers

There are also natural lip exfoliators and plumpers, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and peppermint oil can be used. The organic, potent compounds in peppermint, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon (which cause the tingling sensation) cause the lips to enlarge and appear larger. Peppermint oil is a natural circulation stimulant.

Gua Sha Lip-Plumping Method

The traditional Chinese healing massage technique known as gua sha has been shown to provide amazing cosmetic effects that go beyond ordinary stress-relieving self-care. Strategically brushing the polished, carved stone against the skin has the power to stimulate blood flow, clear lymphatic drainage, and even lift or plump the skin. It’s not just for your face. You may also sparingly apply this to your lips. One form of the Gua Sha technique where a tool is used to apply pressure and release tension is using a stone to emphasize the jawline or cheekbones. You should exercise caution when using this technique since you don’t want to press directly on your lips; instead, you should only press on the outer edge of your lips.

Simple steps are needed to perform a gua sha lip massage: Begin at the center of the lips with the U-shaped side and draw outward and upward. Repeat between three and five times. Increased blood flow will be encouraged in that location by this gentle rubbing. After that, rub the tool back and forth around the outer lines of the lips to add some friction using the jagged edge. Be gentle; the goal is to stimulate blood flow and begin training the area for a gradual reshaping.


These are the different tips and tricks that will help you achieve fuller lips. Now that you know these simple hacks, may you get the lips that you have always desired. We hope this post helped you gain more knowledge about how you can make your thin lips fuller.