Seven Professional Sports Handicappers

When it comes to picking winners, seven professional sports handicappers stand out above the rest. These experts analyze statistics and trends to determine winners. They consider the team’s recent performance, home-field advantage, injury news, and public betting activity. These professionals are considered experts because they have extensive knowledge of these areas and are willing to share it with beginners. This article will discuss these professionals and their methods.

Smokin’ Dave Cokin has been a professional먹튀검 sports handicapper for over forty years. Although he is originally from Rhode Island, Cokin has been in the sports gambling industry his entire life. In 1981, he switched sides and won the National Handicappers Bowl. That season, he was featured in Pro Football Weekly. He eventually moved to Las Vegas, where he has worked ever since. His advice is still valuable, and he continues to improve his picks.

Smokin’ Dave Cokin has been professionally handicapping sports for 40 years and has been around the sports gambling industry for most of his life. Originally from Rhode Island, Cokin grew up in the Northeast and began handicapping in his teens. In 1981, he switched sides and became famous after winning the National Sporthandicappers Bowl. The following year, he moved to Las Vegas to continue his career as a sports gambler.

Bryan Leonard has been a Professional Sports Handicapper since 1984 and has built a successful business based on honesty and customer satisfaction. He has won Number One documented finishes in various sports. The website also offers free newsletters on baseball, football, and basketball. The site also features articles on handicapping in college sports and handicappers’ opinions on point spreads. The Roundball Report basketball and The Pigskin Report football are two of the most popular blogs.

The seven professional sports handicappers featured on this website have earned a reputation for predicting future results. As the most successful handicappers, these professionals constantly learn and improve their craft. This is the reason why they are so successful, and some are even able to retire early. And in the meantime, they have to keep up with their hectic lives. The more successful their clients are, the more likely they will win.

Besides their expertise, Smokin’ Dave Cokin is an experienced professional in sports handicapping. Cokin has had a long and distinguished career working in the gambling industry his entire life. Born and raised in Rhode Island, he is well-known for accuracy and success. In 1981, he switched sides and won the National Handicappers Bowl. In 1983, he was featured in Pro Football Weekly.

While several factors are necessary for a successful sports handicapper, a few stand out as must-haves. For example, passion for sports is a significant component. A passionate sports player must have an endless desire to analyze games, and it can be a lifelong passion. The passion for sports is a natural complement to the other characteristics of a successful sports handicapper. The seven best professional players have a similar approach to betting.

Unlike most other careers, handicapping does not require rocket science knowledge or expertise in any field. An analytical mind is critical for success. For example, a good quarterback should have the ability to put mistakes in the past behind them and continue to perform well. A good sports handicapper should have an excellent memory. The handicapper must have a sharp and keen sense of sports in this business. The game’s odds are the basis for all decisions.

Aside from their knowledge of different sports, these experts have a unique perspective on the latest events and trends. They analyze the point spreads and make picks on specific MLB, NBA, and college sports games. In addition, they provide analysis and predictions on point spreads and best player props. They also keep a diary of all the information they gather. They regularly release articles on their blogs. There are many other resources, but these seven are the most prominent.