Precautions to Take After Whitening Your Teeth

Whether professionally done or Do It Yourself (DIY), Teeth whitening treatments have been the go-to remedy for people who want to gain whiter teeth. However, teeth whitening is not permanent, and while the treatment itself stays for a while, what you do later on to keep your teeth white is also vital. There are still things that can make the whiteness fade— foods and beverages that can stain.

Here you’ll be learning different precautions to take after getting the teeth whitening treatment.

Foods to Avoid

The procedure may have cost you a good deal of money, so you would want to ensure that the result will last you a long time. The critical moments are the first 48 hours procedure. This means you have to be more aware of the food you eat as there are specific types that cause discoloring. You should avoid them during the 48-hour duration.

The food and drinks to avoid are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Coffee and tea

These brews can instantly stain your teeth

  • Fruit juice
  • Dark chocolate

This type of chocolate contains caffeine that could stain teeth

  • Dark-colored sauces

Avoid any dark-colored sauces such as barbecue sauce, soy sauce, and pasta sauce

  • Acidic food and drinks

Food and drinks with high acidic content such as soda and carbonated drinks, lemonade, tomato juice, and grapefruit juice weaken the enamel on your teeth, making them more likely to absorb stains from your food and drinks intake. If you often consume these acidic drinks, you’ll be noticing your teeth yellowing or getting a dull color. A clear soda also does as much damage as other types of sodas have, regardless of the color.

If you must insist on indulging in these foods and drinks, it’s highly advised that you brush your teeth right after consuming them to avoid teeth stains. You can rinse your mouth using water if you don’t have access to a toothbrush. It’s also recommended to use straws instead of directly sipping from your glass and mug if you’re drinking soda, coffee, and other dark-colored drinks. By sipping through a straw, the liquid won’t be in contact with your teeth.

Safe to Eat Food After the Treatment

  • Colorless beverages
  • White meat
  • Non-acidic fruits
  • White-colored vegetables

Teeth Whitening Treatment Aftercare

Ever since our childhood, we were taught the fundamental steps of taking good care of our teeth. After undergoing a teeth whitening procedure, it’s more important that you follow these steps, making your shining teeth last.

To get the best results, try to do the following as frequently as you can:

  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Floss your teeth at least once every day to help get rid of any plaque build-up.
  • Try to use whitening toothpaste at least once or twice every week. This serves as a basic touch-up and allows you to get rid of any surface stains build-up, and it will also prevent teeth discoloration. Use regular toothpaste for the rest of the time, brushing your teeth.
  • Using an antiseptic mouthwash, rinse your mouth at least once a day. This also helps in killing the types of bacteria causing the build-up of plaque.

If you’re going to use over-the-counter whitening products to whiten your teeth, bear in mind that these are designed to be used in a healthy mouth. If you have any plaque build-up, you won’t be achieving the results you’re aiming for. Flossing and brushing are vital parts of the preparation, but you should also visit your dentist to get a good cleaning.

To get the best results, plan a six-month dental cleaning and check-up with your dentist right before planning to start your whitening system. Doing this can help your dentist check if you have tooth decay that can work against the product you’re about to use. For example, the holes inside the teeth can prompt the bleaching product into seeping in and hitting the nerves, leading to severe damage and pain.

Consider Getting Touch-Up Procedures

The results of your treatment depend on the type of whitening products you’ve used as well as your lifestyle and general diet. Also, what you’ll see won’t last forever.

Try and consider getting touch-up treatments every six months for as long as two years. Touch-ups may sometimes be needed as what you drink or eat will affect the results of your initial whitening treatment. A touch-up will bring back that perfect natural shine of your teeth.

Regularly Visit Your Dentist

One of the most effective ways in dealing with aftercare for teeth whitening treatments is regularly going to have your teeth checked by the dentist.

Going to a dental care provider isn’t something to feel ashamed about or even fear.

It’s an important part of ensuring that your pearly white teeth stay as they are for a very long time.