Do Toothbrushes that Plays Music Help Children Brush Longer

brushing teeth

Brushing one’s teeth is a duty that young children require assistance with. They frequently disregard this crucial task, leading to a variety of techniques to get them to take it seriously, hence the invention of musical toothbrush. A musical toothbrush is one that plays music while brushing. When a button is clicked … Read more

What Causes Buck Teeth and How Can It Be Fixed?

Braces and surgery are the most effective buck teeth solutions.

It is said that a smile gives a person his distinctive look. No matter what his height is and how much is his weight, the way he smiles sets him apart from others. However, at times there are certain reasons why someone would want to hide the smile or never smile at … Read more

What is Dental Bridging and what are its Benefits

A three-unit porcelain fused to metal bridge

Missing a tooth or several teeth can be a traumatic experience. It does not only affect your teeth structure but also jeopardizes oral health. You should not just leave the empty space created because of a missing tooth, as it can affect the surrounding teeth, and can also cause problems in chewing … Read more

What is Bite Reclamation and What Is Its Benefits?

How is tooth elongation done and what are the benefits

Bite reclamation or Elongation of teeth is a dental cosmetic procedure that fixes the enamel of the teeth and protects it from further decay is caused by various reasons. Tooth enamel is the thin outer covering of the tooth that protects the teeth from decay. It is the hardest tissue of the … Read more

What is Prosthodontics?

A woman undergoing a dental treatment

Dental health plays a vital role in shaping your overall health dynamics. Your teeth are not there, to deliver a smile only. They must be healthy and intact. Loss of natural teeth and other oral structures can be a painful experience, whether it’s due to a congenital defect, natural aging, or a … Read more

What Are Veneers And What Are Their Benefits?

A woman getting her teeth checked

Dental veneers have been used since many years to solve several teeth related problems. The advancement in cosmetic dentistry has blessed us with many solutions to teeth related issues. Now, we can smile with more confidence and show off our white shiny teeth without any hesitation. If you are looking for a  … Read more

What Are Gum Lifts And What Are Their Benefits

A person with a gummy smile

Gums or more commonly known as Gingiva are tissues that protect and surround teeth, along with the underlying bone. They attach to the teeth and form a seal that protects underlying bone, by providing a protection against infection. Furthermore, gums act like a cage structure and keep teeth in place. People seldom … Read more

What is Tooth Reshaping and what are its Benefits?

a person with irregularly shaped teeth

People with misshapen and asymmetrical teeth are often hesitant to smile widely. Misshapen teeth can lower someone’s confidence and shatter their self esteem. Sometimes, they can also place a great harm on one’s dental health. Undue stress on the gums or significant spacing between teeth form a misaligned bite can lead to … Read more

What Is Teeth Straightening And What Are Its Benefits?

what are the health benefits of having straight teeth

It’s a universal fact that the very first thing people notice about you is your smile. A beautiful smile is impossible without straight, well balanced and sparkling teeth.  By undergoing the teeth straightening process the misaligned teeth can be moved into the right position, making your smile perfect. Teeth straightening is a … Read more

What is Teeth Bonding and what are its Benefits

A woman getting her teeth checked 

Dental health does not only pertain to a good smile, It also includes keeping teeth and gums intact. Poor oral hygiene can lead to much more severe problems than just an unpleasant smile.   Teeth can develop cavities and lose their normal functioning over time. Tooth decay and gum diseases can not only … Read more