Is Your Dental POS System Outdated?

Dental professionals don’t have time to waste interfacing between multiple systems used for appointment booking, payment processing and patient information management. Implementing the right point of sale system in a dentist’s office will make it possible to combine all of these functions into a single, streamlined flow. If the POS system in your office does not have the following built-in features, you may want to seek out cutting-edge merchant solutions.

Integrated Appointment Management

A comprehensive dental POS system can replace additional in-house or third-party appointment booking and management suites, simplifying the process of setting up appointments and making it easier for patients and receptionists to cancel or reschedule. An integrated POS system that has high security standards may end up saving money over months or years when compared with your current booking software or service. Some POS system applications and built-in software can also be used to manage staff schedules for an office, which may eliminate additional work or software.

Secure Payment Information

Dentist’s offices that only accept a limited number of payment methods may miss out on new clients and cause current patients unnecessary stress. The ability to affordably and securely  accept and process omnichannel payments is one of the benefits of a new Clover system. The latest generation of POS systems ship ready to accept payments through magnetic stripe swipes, chip insertions, or near-field communication payment methods that involve dipping, swiping or tapping a card or device. Compliance with EMV and PCI PTS 4.0 security standards promotes peace of mind and lets you focus on dentistry instead of security.

Detailed Accounting Records

The days of having to keep detailed books that account for insurance claims and methods of payment are long gone. The most popular POS systems on the market have the ability to automatically generate detailed records to help you keep track of charges. Depending on how you run your office, you may also be able to find integrations that facilitate processing dental insurance claims. In addition to conventional records, you may also gain access to new types of data analytics that are helpful for finding effective new ways to promote your practice.

Multiple Patient Contact Methods

Dental offices retain patient records to send periodic reminders about regularly procedures or scheduled treatments. As with appointment booking, the right POS system build can significantly upgrade your patient outreach and relationship management capabilities. Securely gather patient information and use a combination of built-in features and apps to send cards and notifications. If you are interested in running promotions or offering rewards, these systems also make it easy to incentivize patient visits.

If your current payment processing system does not provide all these features, you may want to consider upgrading to new POS technology. Depending on the system and service plan that you choose, you may have the option to use a smart device attachment or portable tablet to accept payments or to implement a full-service station at the receptionist desk. A merchant solutions specialist can help you select and set up the right POS system for any dental practice.