How to Deal with Bleeding Gums

Image showing a woman smiling, showing her teeth.

Bleeding gums are common and most often nothing to be worried about. Your gums can bleed for several different reasons. One of the most leading causes of bleeding gums is the accumulation of plaque in the mouth. However, people with good oral habits can experience bleeding gums as well. For example, people … Read more

Is There a Way to Lighten Dark Lips?

lips, lip balm

Lips grow darker over time because of a range of lifestyle and medical factors. One such factor is hyperpigmentation, which is usually a harmless condition resulting from excess melanin. This condition may be caused by an allergic reaction to lipstick, toothpaste, etc., lack of hydration, lip sucking, cigarette smoking, excessive exposure to … Read more

Dental Care Tips You May Not Know

Having good oral health is essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Habits like brushing twice per day are an excellent example of a good oral hygiene routine.  However, oral health is not just about gum disease and cavities; research found an association between dental health and overall health. As a result, … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tongue Care

An image showing a woman with her tongue stuck out and eyes covered with patches.

When talking about oral health care, we pay a lot of attention to using fluoride toothpaste and flossing, but we often overlook one crucial element: taking care of our tongue. Our tongue is home to thousands of taste buds that allow us to enjoy the taste of delicious dishes, but it is … Read more

How To Choose the Best Toothbrush for Your Teeth?

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You have been brushing your teeth since childhood, but have you ever thought that the toothbrush you are using is right for you. Taking care of oral health needs extra emphasis and care because various diseases are linked with your oral health. If you do not take care of your oral health, … Read more

The Best Toothbrushes for Braces


If you are having braces, you must be taking extra care of your teeth. The toothbrush you have been using before you got braces is not going to help you with better oral hygiene. Improper cleaning can lead to oral health problems such as bad breath, plaque, weak gum problems, cavities, etc. … Read more

Natural Ways to Strengthen Teeth

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Calcium and Phosphate minerals help to make up tooth enamel, along with the dentin and bone. These minerals prevent cavities and tooth decay. With age, the content of these minerals in your teeth starts decreasing. Also, they can be in little quantity if you eat a lot of acidic and sugary foods. … Read more

Benefits of Oil Pulling

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The swishing of oil in the mouth is known as oil pulling. It is a folk remedy that came from South Asia. It removes bacteria from your mouth and promotes oral hygiene. Sometimes it is associated with Ayurveda, a traditional medicine system from India. Some practitioners claim that oil pulling can treat … Read more

What is the Best Way to Deal with a Chipped Tooth?

dentist checking the teeth of a patient

Teeth can hurt for a number of reasons, such as due to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth sensitivity. But aside from those, teeth can also hurt from external damage, like chipped teeth. Having a chipped tooth is quite common for both adults and children. It can be acquired through a bit … Read more

Can Black Seed Oil Reverse Gum Infection?

Black seed oil

Black seed oil, also known as cumin seed oil, black cumin oil, or black caraway seed oil, comes from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. This is a small plant with white, pale purple, or blue flowers that grow in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Western Asia. There are pre-clinical reviews that … Read more