How Much to Visit an Orthodontist Without Insurance?

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For the most part, Canada’s healthcare covers quite a variety of medical expenses. However, it doesn’t cover the costs of a visit to an orthodontist. Since orthodontics is a dentistry specialty, it would be covered by anyone who has extended healthcare insurance or a dental plan. But what if you don’t have … Read more

Where Are Orthodontics in High Demand?

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Oral health is known to lay a strong foundation for improved overall health as it is the best way of creating healthy smiles and ensuring the proper functioning of the teeth and gums. When you are blessed with a good bite, then it is easier for you to chew, bite and speak … Read more

What School Teaches Orthodontics?

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As anyone who has ever had braces can attest to, there’s nothing that can compare to the feeling you have when your braces first come off. As you run your tongue over your smooth, braces-free teeth, you get to bask in the feeling of confidence that comes with a post-braces life. Gone … Read more

Teledentistry: A Growing Field

Have you used telemedicine to seek health care in recent months? Thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has been growing in popularity among health care providers and patients alike. Telemedicine uses digital communication technology to provide health care. Teledentistry refers to using telehealth to connect dentists and patients, and to … Read more

How To Calm Down Before Visiting The Dentist


Millions of Canadians have a fear about visiting the dentist. Whether it’s the panic that something might happen in the mouth or the anxiety about getting work done, there are multiple reasons why people avoid visiting the dentist. But that doesn’t mean that ignoring it completely is the answer. Neglecting your dental … Read more

What Do Dentists Do?

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Have you got pain in a tooth? Are your teeth more sensitive than usual? What about the jaw pain and TMJ flare-ups? A trip to the dentist can solve all these questions and concerns. These highly qualified professionals are ones that you go to when you have problems with your teeth and … Read more

Can Dentists Do Fillings?


Visiting the dentist is very important to prevent tooth decay and the inevitable problems that having cavities brings. But if you do get a cavity, dentists provide the restorative care you need. This care is typically a dental filling, one of the most common procedures of dentistry today. What is a dental … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Orthodontists and Dentists?


Seeing your dentist twice yearly is critical for your best oral health. But another type of oral healthcare provider you may need to see is an orthodontist (DO). These two dental experts provide different services but work together to achieve your smile goals. It is important to understand the differences between orthodontists … Read more

The Origins of Dentistry

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As dental patients today, we have many advantages not available to people in the past. One such significant advantage is anesthesia. Thanks to advancements like this made in the past centuries, we can feel less anxious about going to the dentist. Dr. Tracey Mulhall walks us through some of this history to … Read more

5 Specialty Services Offered by Dentists

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Visiting the dentist may seem routine. But you actually have access to a wide range of dental services through your oral healthcare provider. Some of these you may not realize that dentists offer on an everyday basis. Below, we look at five of these top specialty services. Sedation Dentistry Do you feel … Read more