Using a Waterpik Low Pressure Tip

Using a Waterpik Low Pressure Tip

Water flossing, often known as water picking, is an alternative to regular flossing. Waterpiks use pulsations and water pressure to clean the mouth. This removes dangerous plaque and food particles. Water picking is a technique that involves a specific machine that sprays water into the mouth and gums. Rather than scraping plaque … Read more

How Using a Different Waterpik Tip Helps Your Teeth

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Today, Waterpiks are more popular than ever. Waterpiks come in a variety of sizes and functions, but they always come with a motor, a pump, a water reservoir, and a specific water flosser tip. Waterpiks use a stream of water to clean plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the mouth. They also … Read more

Waterpik Models That Use the Pik Pocket Tip

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Pik Pocket tips were created to irrigate periodontal pockets, furcation, and any other crevice between your gums and your teeth. When it comes to using the Pik Pocket tip, it’s all about being delicate. This is not a flosser tip for use with high pressure. It’s made to gently wash out bacteria … Read more

Using a Water Flosser Can Help Your Teeth and Gums

Waterpik WP-660 Water Flosser

If you’re intent on having clean teeth and healthy gums, consider getting a water flosser. Unlike using regular dental floss, this literally repels food and bacteria from the mouth and in between teeth using water pressure. These are handheld devices that use a small motor for sending pressurized water out of a … Read more

Guide to Waterpik Water Flossers

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It is safe to say that the device known as the water flosser is one of the most innovative dental tools that can help you achieve 99.9% clean teeth. Oftentimes, using only a toothbrush is insufficient for you to get all the food debris and plaque out of your teeth, but thankfully, … Read more

The Best Waterpik Electric Toothbrushes

Although Waterpik is famous for its line of electric water flossers, the company has also released several different electric toothbrushes in the market. However, you should keep in mind that almost all of these toothbrushes are included or attached to water flossers so that the device can provide a complete clean for … Read more

Tips for Staving Off Gum Disease

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No one wants to experience excruciating pain while chowing down their favorite food. That’s what happens when you start neglecting your dental health, and your gums start deteriorating. If you don’t brush your teeth or floss them properly, the tissues holding your teeth in place would be infected, thus causing gum disease. … Read more

Natural Ways to Strengthen Teeth

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Calcium and Phosphate minerals help to make up tooth enamel, along with the dentin and bone. These minerals prevent cavities and tooth decay. With age, the content of these minerals in your teeth starts decreasing. Also, they can be in little quantity if you eat a lot of acidic and sugary foods. … Read more

Guide to Proper Flossing

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One of the most important parts of dental hygiene is flossing. It cleans and removes food particles stuck between the teeth, reducing the number of plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Plaque is the sticky build-up of film on teeth that causes gum disease and cavities. People have a habit of brushing their teeth … Read more

Are You Flossing Your Teeth Right?

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Flossing is one of the most important steps in your daily oral hygiene. This simple action removes food stuck between teeth and cleans the areas your toothbrush does not reach. In turn, this reduces the plaque and bacteria left on your teeth, where they contribute to cavities and gum disease. When you … Read more